What’s New in EZLynx 4.17.07

The 4.17.07 release is a mega-release, packed with many valuable enhancements and streamlined workflows. At EZLynx, customer feedback drives the improvements we work to provide in our monthly releases, and this month’s release responds to many agent requests.

• Claims Downloads (Beta)
• Two-Step Verification for User Login (Beta)
• VIN Lookup for Commercial Lines and Pre-1981 Vehicles (Beta)
• Create New Applicant Enhancements (Beta)
• Policy Change Requests (Beta)
• New EZLynx Reports
• New LOBs for Commercial Policy Entry & Applications
• Branch Support for Certificate Masters & Holders and Agency Form Templates
• EZLynx Accounting Streamlined Workflows

Claims Downloads (Beta)
Agencies with EZLynx Management System can now request claims downloads from supporting carriers. Claims will download in along with policy transactions and be matched to their applicant accounts in EZLynx.

Supported claims transaction types:
• Claim Number Assignment (CLN)
• Adjuster Assignment (ADJ)
• Claim Status (CLS)
o Opened
o Closed
o Reopened
o Reserves (RES)
• Claim Information (CLI)

A Claims Downloads box has been added to the Dashboard Homepage.

Claims Transaction Page
• Lists of Matched and Unmatched Claims.
• Provide a function to merge claims to a policy or manually added claims transaction.
• Search by Policy Name, Policy Number or Claim Number.


Two-Step Verification for User Login (Beta)
Two-Step Verification is a way to make the EZLynx user login process more secure. Agency admins have been given the ability to enable Two-Step Verification. Then each user will be prompted upon their next login to enroll a mobile number or email address for login verification.
Any user with direct access to EZLynx (except Enterprise, MAPs) will receive an email to enroll a mobile number and/or email address for this added layer of security.
Click here to learn more. To setup your agency with beta features, complete the Beta Request Form.










VIN Lookup for Commercial Lines and pre-1981 Vehicles (Beta)
EZLynx now supports a VIN lookup and pre-fill feature for vehicles made prior to 1981 and for Commercial Auto.

Feature available across multiple products:
1. Commercial & Personal Policy Entry
2. Personal Auto Rating
3. Consumer Quoting
4. Web Services

To setup your agency with beta features, complete the Beta Request Form.

Create New Applicant Enhancements (Beta)
On the first screen for “Create New Applicant”, users can now select the assigned user, and perform a driver/vehicle lookup to pre-fill the new account with the selected data.

1. Assigned To field for assigning the applicant to a specific user.
2. Driver / Vehicle lookup – applicant account is pre-fill selected data from lookup.
3. An agency has the option to make Lead Source a required field.

To setup your agency with beta features, complete the Beta Request Form.

Policy Change Requests (Beta)
• Currently only supports Commercial Auto.
• Ability to create a Change Request Memo to communicate proposed policy changes.
• Utilize policy entry screens to create change request, preview changes before saving them.
• Ability to email a change request, get eSignature from insureds, create notes and tasks for follow-up.
• Generate Commercial Change Request ACORD 175 and submit to carriers who require it.


To setup your agency with beta features, complete the Beta Request Form.

New EZLynx Reports
Customer requests and feedback were the driving force behind the new reports and enhancements in this release.
• Changes to Saving & Sharing of Reports
At our AgentLynx user conference last fall, several agents requested the ability to save reports for specific users. We are proud to say that your request has been granted!
Click here to learn more about the new workflow for Saving & Sharing Reports
• New Policy Transaction Summary Report
View a summary of policy transactions for a selected date range by master company, line of business, and several other key metrics.
• New Agency Detail Report
View a list of all agencies affiliated with organization; this report can be easily filtered by Branch, Status or Rating State.

New LOBs for Commercial Policy Entry & Applications
When entering a manual policy for certain lines of business, the details required to complete the related ACORD forms, can be entered. This release adds four new LOBs to the growing number of lines support by this Manual Policy Entry feature.

1. Professional Liability
2. Errors & Omissions
3. Directors & Officers
4. Crime

Branch Support for Certificate Masters & Holders and Agency Form Templates
Earlier this year, we rolled out branch support in various areas of the system. This release builds on branch support with the ability to share master certificates and holders and agency form templates.

• Certificates
o Master Certificates & Holders can be shared across multiple branches.
o Parent org can now share master interest holder list with branches.
• Agency Form Templates
o Parent org can now share templates with branches.
o User can now download the original agency form with template fields to easily make modifications.
Documents Updates
User can now select to sort by Name, Created Date, Modified Date in the following workflows
• Document Merge
• Email Attachments
• MMS Attachments
• eSignature Documents
• Workspace Attachments

Also, now clicking anywhere on a document row opens a preview of the document rather than downloading it.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed issue with policy # association on docs being applied incorrectly
• Username creation error message updated to reflect accurate error information.
• Can now add “/” to a Business Name on a Commercial applicant.
• Fixed Invalid warning message when clicking Reset button on workspace in reports.

EZLynx Accounting Enhancements
In the EZLynx Accounting 4.17.07 release, we’ve streamlined workflows for a better user experience.

• Improved Customer Statements
• QuickBooks Online Integration

• Paying Miscellaneous Expenses
• Selecting Bank Accounts on Deposits
• Permission Updates
Customer Statements
The customer statements for agency bill invoices are greatly improved; for example, we’ve added the ability to define how many months of historical information is included.

1. Click the Accounting icon, hover over the Accounting icon, select Configuration, then System Settings.
2. At Transaction History to show on applicant statement (new field), enter the number of months for showing transactions.
Now a statement includes all transactions occurring within the specified timeframe, as well as open invoices, and receipts with an unapplied balance – no matter when they occurred.

Statements can still be run from the Receivables / Statements tab in Accounting, but now an individual statement can be run from the Applicant’s Overview tab. Also, printed statements have a more attractive and easier to read layout.

QuickBooks Online Integration
We now offer integration with QuickBooks Online (click here for more info).

Paying Miscellaneous Expenses
You can now add an expense payment to a check for items that were not billed to the customer, such as MVR or ACH fees.

Selecting Bank Account on Deposits
When entering a receipt or direct bill payment, you have the option to add the receipt to a new Deposit. You will now have the ability to choose the bank account for the deposit.

To help identify the correct deposit when selecting an existing deposit, the default name of the deposit now includes the branch and bank account name.

Permission Updates
We’ve made enhancements to the Accounting permissions to help restrict a user’s access to specific data. There are now better permission descriptions to clarify the access each permission gives a user.

1. The new View Transactions permission allows a user viewing access without adding the Enter Receipts permission, as required in the past.
2. Now only users with the permission called “Apply direct bill statements” can view commission statements in Accounting.

Direct Bill Payments
When entering a direct bill payment in EZLynx, check the Sweep account box to automatically create the payment to the carrier, the date of the check is the payment date of the receipt instead of today.

Accounting Bug Fixes
1. Reversing receipts with an edited amount now correctly closes the open balance on the receipt.
2. AutoPay now correctly creates checks with credit (negative) detail amounts.
3. Fixed issue where emailing multiple invoices at once sometimes failed.
4. Fixed issue that led to agency bill invoicing failures when the agency’s branch structure or download configuration changed.
5. Improved the performance of the Deposit Summary report.

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