What’s New in EZLynx 4.17.03

With the upcoming release, we focused on improving communications and workflow between the main office and their branch offices.


  • Improved Carrier Quoting Setup
  • Agency Workspace – Reminders & Followers
  • eSignature Completion Reports
  • Reports Enhancements

Improved Carrier Quoting Setup

  • We have combined Carrier logins, Carrier Defaults, and Quote Templates in a new section called Carrier Quoting Setup. The new section breaks out each step to take before starting the quoting process. This will help improve new users with setup and workflow. In addition, we have removed the Test button to eliminate login errors and kept “Set Logins” and “Clear Logins”.
  • Agents can now setup logins from the Submit details page with the new Set Logins button. The Set Logins Button will allow you to set and validate the credentials without being redirected to the Carrier logins page.

  • Agents can now set up logins for the failed carriers on the Quote Details page

Agency Workspace – Reminders & Followers.

When adding reminders, you now have three new options. You can create reminders for:

  • Assignee – the assignee on the task
  • Followers – followers added to the Note and/or Task
  • Myself – the individual creating the Note and /or Task


We have given agency admin the ability to choose who should receive alerts in EZLynx upon incoming Text Messages. With this change, you will be able to define whether it should be everyone, only the assigned agent for the matching applicant, or perhaps specific users, such as only the CSRs, etc. This feature is not limited to branches but also be used by single location agencies as well. A parent-level agency can allow their branches to use their text messaging number.

Report Enhancement

eSignature Completion Report

  •  A new selection has been to eSignature action function called “Reports”

Policy Transaction

  • Policy Transactions page, the tooltip for the column headers has been updated to give more clarity for each column.
  • “Applied Date” field which is present in “History” tab for policies can now be seen in Policy Transactions page for all policy transactions

Commission Report

  • Commission Detail – View a list of Commission Details that can also be filtered by Statement Date, Carrier, Branch, Agent, Producer, and Transaction Type as well as whether the statement has been approved &/or paid

 Manual Policy Entry

The Application and Policy Entry Screens have been updated for Commercial Auto, Inland Marine, Business Owners lines of business.

  • Commercial Auto lines of business, additional fields have been included for the state of Florida.
  • Business Owners lines of business, Garage Keepers Liability section’s User Interface has been updated to help users while they create an application, manual policies.
  • Inland Marine policies, users can now indicate the class of business each additional interest pertains to and the summary screen will display the additional interest details in respective class of business section for Inland Marine

Misc Improvements

  • Improved search for commercial applicants with “&” in name
  • Fixed issue where resending envelope didn’t always send
  • Fix issue where the password email was not sent for envelope
  • Fixed issue where the envelope history displayed as blank
  • Added support for Garage & Dealers Proposals
  • Improved display of special characters when saving emails using the Outlook Plugin
  • Emailing document over 25 MB displays an error saying file: The maximum attachment size is 25MB
  • EZLynx will be removing support for Internet Explorer 10 in the near future

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    1. Thank you Mike! Yes, our whole focus is on streamlining agents’ workflows with new innovative products. Stay tuned for many more in 2017.

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