What’s New in EZLynx 4.17.02

In 2017, we continue to add value for our customers by aggressively enhancing our products and features.  Our second release of the year is coming to you on February 28th.


  • Policy Transaction Summary Report
  • Linked Applicant Summary Report

Reporting Enhancements

  • NEW Linked Applicant Summary Report – This report reflects linked applicants total premium, number of policies, etc at the primary applicant level.
  • NEW Policy Transaction Summary Report – View a summary of policy transactions for a selected date range by master company, line of business, and several other key metrics.
  • Summary Reports now show information grouped by Rating State, Producer Code, and Service Team (where applicable)
  • Summary Reports can now be filtered by Date Range (where applicable), Branch, and Agent

Misc. Improvements

  • Ability to expand/collapse rows in the Carrier Logins & Carrier Defaults pages.
  • Valid Logins Check on the Submit to Carriers page –  This change will ensure that, if a prior quote had failed due to invalid logins, the carrier would be disabled for the agent until a valid logins was setup. The agent does not have to visit the carrier logins page to setup the carrier credentials, but instead can do so from the Submit to Carriers page itself.
  • Carrier Login status check on Carrier Logins Page – This page will now check for login errors on the Quote Results page, and then display the invalid logins message for the corresponding carrier.
  • Moving/Merging policies updates applicable claim information
  • Manual Policy Entry
    • Added “Aggregate” field label under “Limit of Liability” section for Commercial Umbrella
    • “Limit of Liability” and “Retained Limit” will appear on top of “Employee Benefits Liability”
    • New field “Deductible Type” is added between “Deductible(s)” and “Blkt#” under “Subjects of Insurance” in “Premises Information” modal for Commercial Property
  • Policy Transaction Page – Manually Matching Policy w/Different Carriers will display additional Warning Message before the agent is able to match
  • Improved download matching for various carriers
  • Agency Admin can now view all invoices:

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