What’s New with EZLynx 4.16.12


  • NEW Support Portal
  • Activity Summary Report
  • EZLynx Accounting Branch Support
  • EZLynx Rating Engine Enhancements


NEW Support Portal  

We are excited to roll out our new Support Portal!  Providing our customers with an excellent EZLynx experience is our number one goal. When visiting our support page, you can now search an extensive knowledge base for immediate help with product questions and support.  Enter the keywords of your inquiry and locate a solution instantly.  No need to spend time on the phone.







If you need additional help, simply create a support ticket right from the same page, and an EZLynx Team member will start addressing your inquiry.  We’ll contact you once we have an update or resolution.  It’s as EZ as that.

Activity Summary Reports  

You can now filter by date range to show any activity or open tasks during a specific time period.


  • Ability to view completed tasks by user.
  • View percentage of tasks completed on time or completed late by user.
  • View all open tasks sorted by due date; either overdue, due today or upcoming.

EZLynx Accounting Branch Support  

(Rolling out by end of year)


  • New Permissions and Settings
  • Branch support for Receivables
  • Branch support for Payables
  • Branch support for General Ledger postings
  • Branch support for Reporting


New Permissions and Settings

With the addition of branch support to EZLynx accounting, you are able to determine which users can have access to the various accounting functions at their respected branch or even at other branches.  This allows for branch-to-branch interactions.  The assignment of permissions can be easily handled through the newly designed Users tab in the configuration section in accounting.

We have also redesigned the System Settings tab by adding an ‘Agency’ tab (for the main branch to set system settings for all of their branches) and a ‘Branch’ tab for the individual branches of the organization to set their specific settings.  On the ‘Agency’ tab, users at the Main Branch can set the overall settings for the organization.

On the ‘Branch’ tab, the user is able to set the setting specific to the individual branches, like their logo, company information (addresses), settings for invoice emails and invoice memos.


Branch Support for Receivables

 You are now able to select branches for adding receipts, creating deposits, and receivable write-offs.  For those in the organization with access to all branches, they will be able to select from all the branches of the organization.  However, those in the organization who are limited to one branch, they will only see that branch in the dropdown. The same applies for the creation of receipts.

We have also redesigned the Receipt and Deposit overview screen to allow you to filter the pages by branch to better organize your organization’s transactions and postings.


Branch Support for Payables

Branches have been integrated into our payable features in EZLynx and you are now able to select branches for AutoPay and adding of Checks.  On the AutoPay screen, you are now able to filter the payable items by branches.

When adding a check, you now have the ability to select which branch the check is being generated from and the branch bank account.  If you have permission to view all branches, then you will be able to select any of the branches for the organization.  If your permission is limited to one branch, then you will only be able to select your specific branch.

We have also added a branch column on the Check screen to make it easier for you to sort the organization’s checks by branch. If you have access to all branches in your organization, then you will be able to view all the checks created in the organizations.  If you are limited to one branch, then only checks for that particular branch will appear.


Branch Support for General Ledger Postings

With this round of enhancements, you are also able to view branches on the GL posting screen in order to better organize the organization’s branch postings.  This also includes the addition of branch information on the GL exports in order for you to be able to integrate your branch configuration with QuickBooks. You are also able to create a journal entry for single branch or you can create a journal entry for two branches to create clearing postings for inter-branch payments.


Branch Support for Reporting

No business would be complete without accurate reports.  Accurate reports enable you to better manage and predict your organizations position in the market.  With the addition of Branch Support for EZLynx Accounting, we have overhauled our reports in accounting to include a branch filter.  You are able to group posting in the reports by branches and even exclude some branches from reports in order to limit the data outputs.  These enhancements will let you track productivity across your organization and gain a better insight as to how each of your locations is performing.  The below reports now support Branch data.

  1. Aged Receivables Report
  2. Cash Receipts Report
  3. Check Register Report
  4. Deposit Summary Report
  5. Direct Bill Cash Report
  6. GL Postings Detail Report
  7. Invoice Summary Report
  8. Line Item Detail Report
  9. Payables Worklist Report
  10. Premium Trust Report
  11. Production by Producer Report
  12. Production by Writing Company Report
  13. Trial Balance Report
  14. Unapplied Cash Report
  15. Undeposited Funds Report
  16. User List Report


EZLynx Rating Engine Enhancements  

What’s new:

  • Home Rating of HO6 – Personal Property coverage is now mandatory.
  • Kansas Rating (effective 1/1/17) – Property Damage Limits are updated to:
    • 25/50 for Bodily Injury
    • $25,000 for Property Damage


Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Now when adding a manual Workers Comp policy, more than 14 locations can be added.
  • Improved search performance for Agency Workspace Discussions.
  • Fixed a vehicle import issue when working on a manual Commercial Auto policy.
  • Motorcycle and Auto lines of business are now differentiated.
  • Excess Liability line of business is now displayed correctly.
  • Word Editor sizing issues are fixed in Internet Explorer browsers.
  • Applicant Type filter added to Birthday Report.
  • Fixed issue related to EZLynx Email Campaigns using saved reports.


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