What’s New with EZLynx 4.16.10


  • Manual Claims Tracking
  • Amazon Alexa Integration
  • Quote Proposals – Commercial Auto (BETA)
  • Integrated Word Editor
  • Retention Center Commercial
  • Commercial Policy Compare

Manual Claims Tracking  

You can now add policy claim details to policies in EZLynx – simply go to an Applicant’s Overview tab and see the new Claims grid.


View Claim Details 

To view claim details, locate the claim in the claims grid.  Go to the right of a claim, and click the down arrow.



The most recent claim details can also be viewed from a Policy Details – by clicking the Claims tab.

Click here to learn more about Manual Claims Tracking

Amazon Alexa Integration

Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker that’s controlled with your voice. Echo connects to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, provide information, news, sports scores, weather, and more—instantly. Any now you can install the EZLynx Skill on your Alexa App too! See the sample phrases below for information you can get from EZLynx – all you have to do is ask!

alexa2     alexa1

Sample Phrases

Start all phrases with “Alexa, ask EZLynx for….”

….for Business Health Report for September 2016

….EZLynx for Daily News

….Total Premium for September 2016

….Total Active Policies for September 2016

….Total Active Customers for September 2016

….Top Producer Personal Auto for September 2016

….Top Producer Home for September 2016

Click here for Amazon Alexa App Installation

Updates to EZLynx Text Messaging

Agency admins have a new link is available in the Settings menu used to configure the agency’s Text Messaging product. Agency admins can request this new feature, by emailing our support team at [email protected] Simply include the agency name and your EZLynx username.

  • When someone attempts to voice call your text messaging number, they hear an automated message. You can now customize this message.
  • The first time someone sends a text message to your number within 90 days, they automatically receive a text response with basic information and disclaimers.  This automatic response is now customizable.


Interested in Text Messaging?  Contact your sales rep to learn more.

Quote Proposals – Commercial Auto (BETA)

Interested in BETA testing?  Submit a BETA request here

Easily generate a Proposal from an existing Policy or Application, or start with a blank Proposal template.

We now offer BETA support for Commercial Auto along with these previous lines of business:  General Liability, Commercial Property, Workers Compensation, Commercial Umbrella, Business Owners Policies, and 9 Commercial Inland Marine classes.


Integrated Word Editor

EZLynx Management System users are already familiar with our PDF Editor used to create and edit ACORD and agency forms in EZLynx.  Now we’ve added the same great Editor support for Word documents.  This is especially useful with Agency Form Templates and any other Word documents uploaded to EZLynx.


Retention Center Commercial

EZLynx Retention Center is a powerful tool to help an agency efficiently retain customers through patented automation and analytical tools. We have added Commercial lines support to this innovative product as part of our goal to assist agencies with commercial lines productivity.  The Renewal List prompts renewal managers to review commercial accounts prior to renewal without having to manage cumbersome spreadsheets. Quickly compare changes in the existing policies and the renewal offer with the click of a button.

  • Focused Strategy

Become proactive in your agency’s retention process to review every commercial account at renewal.

  • Improved Customer Service

Communicate with every customer prior to the renewal to reinforce your agency’s value.

  • Boost Revenue

Each additional point of commercial retention corresponds to a specific dollar amount for each agency of increased profit.   

Renewal List

Patented automation helps you prioritize and analyze renewal offers on commercial policies. Proactively communicate with every customer at every renewal!

Expiration List

The Expiration List automatically displays the upcoming commercial renewals. Each agency can customize the specific expiration timeline for personal and commercial separately. This allows the agency to easily proactively communicate with every customer prior to renewal to get the additional information needed to process next years policy.


Quickly task out account reviews, remarketing, and account rounding activities to the correct person in your agency.


Commercial Policy Compare

The Policy Compare feature now supports both commercial lines and manual policies for quick review. Policy Compare quickly compare two policy transactions, the expired policy and the renewal, side-by-side in order to see which coverages have increased and why.


Additional Updates

  • Emails are sent without inserting question marks after periods and spacing.
  • When a policy is moved from one applicant to another, documents associated with the policy now always move to the new applicant also.
  • Applicant search now has improved handling of special characters.
  • Incomplete task icons now showing correctly in Activity view.
  • We’ve added new Reports, filters, and columns:

New reports:  Dashboards, Claims & Birthday reports.

New filters:  Policy Term & Years as Customer filters.

New columns:  Applicant reports include Gender, Marital Status, NAIC / SIC Code columns.

                                   Commissions reports include Agency Name column.

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