What’s new in EZLynx 4.16.06

During the first week of July, we’re rolling out EZLynx 4.16.06 which includes an enhanced Reports UI with turbo charged features.  Also, there is a BETA roll out of several Commercial Management System features: Commercial Package Policy support, Commercial Applications and Proposals.


Reports 2.0

  • Simpler navigation & more sophisticated filters
  • Customize Detail and Master reports – then save reports for future use
  • Activity Summary Report
  • Quotes Summary Report

BETA Release

  • Commercial Package Policy Support (Manual entry only)
  • Commercial Applications
  • Commercial Proposals

Interested in BETA testing? Click Here

Reports 2.0

EZLynx Reports 2.0 have a new user interface and extensive filtering capabilities.

The report types:

Detail Reports – a preset table of data that can be modified using various report criteria filters.
Summary Reports – key information at a glance, and tools for getting the most from their data.
Master Reports – include more tools for creating custom reports; detailed filters, aggregates, grouping, sorting, paging, and chart creation.
Legacy Reports the classic reports we’ve always offered; to be updated to the new UI soon.

Inspired to learn more?  Take a look at our detailed report guides.

Want to see the new reports in action? Register for a free webinar here

Customized Detail and Master Reports can be saved for future use.  When saved reports including sliding date range filters, the report data will likely change each time the report is run.

Saved Reports.








Activity Summary Report

New Report Activity Summary

Quote Summary Report

Quote Summary Report



Commercial Package Policy Support (BETA Release)

Manual entry only

Maintain more accurate policy information and improve reporting capabilities by truly grouping lines of business within a one single package policy.Newest new Add new Policy

Let’s take a look at the details

When adding a manual personal or commercial package policy in EZLynx, the user can now add the individual policies included in the package.

After selecting either personal or commercial package as the main Line of Business, add any number of individual LOBs and their premiums as you’d like.

The Add & Edit Policy feature prompts the user through a series of tabs for adding detailed policy information; to reduce data entry keying, some tabs gather information that can be shared across multiple policies.



Add new Policy window

Tabs to collect information shared between all policies in the package; for less data entry

Newest Newer Comm Policy PKg

Commercial Applications (BETA Release)

The ability to add commercial applications in EZLynx is a huge, time-saving tool for agencies that write commercial business. Complete the application once in EZLynx, then easily create necessary ACORD form for submission to multiple carriers.

Take an application and quickly transform it into a policy or take a policy and create an application from the data.

Comm App

Commercial Proposals (BETA Release)

From a Commercial applicant’s Documents tab, click the Add button and select Quote Proposal. Ability to select one manual policy from each LOB, then click Add Quote Proposal. The feature will be expanded to include downloaded policies in the near future.

Supported LOBs:

• Commercial Auto
• General Liability
• Commercial Property
• More coming soon

New NwerfdhbkljsfhComm Prop

Comm Prop LOB

Additional Enhancements

  • File upload now supports attachments up to 60MB
  • Emails saved using the Outlook Plugin now support underlined text
  • Commercial Property Manual Entry now includes drop down selector for Subjects of Insurance
  • Workers Comp Manual Entry – Supports unlimited locations
  • Personal Auto Manual Entry – Supports unlimited vehicles
  • Assigned agency name now displays on Applicant if agency has multiple locations
  • Added DOB & Drivers License details for commercial contacts

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