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What is the difference between “Matched” and “Unmatched” downloads in Policy Management?

In Policy Management, “Matched” downloads are those that have automatically matched against a single EZLynx customer through the 3 matching criteria:

  • LOB
  • Carrier
  • Applicant name

An “Unmatched” download really means that the download is either unmatched to a single EZLynx customer, or is matched to multiple EZLynx customers (Multiple-Matches). For example, if a customer is written directly on a carrier site, when downloaded to EZLynx, Policy Management would find that customer to be unmatched. In cases like this, the fix would be to create an applicant then match the download.

If the download has Multiple Matches, you can select the correct applicant for the downloaded policy and/or delete the duplicates.

Commercial accounts can be matched, as well; simply select the Match to Commercial Applicant option in the EZLynx Policy Transactions page.

It is important to be sure all of your downloads are matched so your customer policy data is complete and accurate.

For more information, please click here: Policy Transactions Page Guide.


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