With EZLynx Rating Engine, complete an auto, home, or dwelling fire (CA only) application once, then submit to multiple carriers for quotes. Anything outlined in RED or that has a RED asterisk (*) symbol must be completed to submit an application. Many times there is more than one way to complete a task in EZLynx, […]

This video is intended for new EZLynx Rating users. It explains how to setup a new EZLynx user account, including setting carrier logins and carrier defaults, how to run a first auto quote, and locating users and past quotes. You will also learn general navigation within EZLynx and all about the applicant account.

 This tutorial is only intended for member agents of MAPs that use the Messaging feature. Members can quote the shared markets, but the MAP admin and underwriters will handle the binding process. Some EZLynx MAPs use a feature called Messaging to communicate between the MAP and member agent inside EZLynx.

EZLynx users work with applicants constantly, so we’ll show you how to locate them quickly.

Chrome is the preferred browser for accessing and working within EZLynx. However, we understand many agents still like to use Internet Explorer. There are a couple of settings that will greatly improve your EZLynx experience when using IE. This 2-minute video will explain those settings, and they will make a BIG difference!

In our increasingly techie world, agents need to understand browsers and how they affect website performance. The proper browser settings are very important to a great EZLynx experience. Learn about how IE updates can change your settings also.

Did you install the EZLogin button for the Rating Engine, but there is still a green install button on your Dashboard Home Page? Or, does your quote have an “Initialize the EZLynx Login button” message instead of the actual Login button? Here is a quick fix for these issues.

Learn how to resolve duplicate applicants in your EZLynx account, because it’s best to address this issue quickly.

An agency admin must consider their users’ access to applicant accounts; quotes, policies, documents, quotes, tasks, activities and more. Should certain users only access their own assigned applicant accounts? Or, should all users access each other’s applicant accounts? How does applicant access work between different office locations? Click here to open User Access to Applicant […]

In order to obtain quotes, carrier logins must be set and kept up-to-date in EZLynx.  Also, each time an agency adds a new carrier to their EZLynx Rating account, the carrier login must be set before quoting with the newly added carrier. Click here to open “Setting Carrier Logins”.

Every carrier has specific underwriting questions that must be answered within the EZLynx rating application in order to provide a quote. Carrier Defaults allow EZLynx users to set answers to the carriers’ underwriting questions – these default answers then automatically pre-fill into NEW applications. This makes quoting faster! Click here to open “Setting Carrier Defaults”.

Need help installing the Chrome EZLogin button on your computer? Its’ quicker and easier than installing the IE version, but if you need help, simply open this guide. Remember, the Chrome EZLogin button must be installed on each computer that you use to work in EZLynx. Once installed, the EZLogin button appears on successful EZLynx […]

Quote Templates are a great time-saving feature for rating. Create EZLynx Quote Templates so that when you start a new application, the fields can be pre-filled with your template answers.

Fast quoting is the name of today’s game. Quote templates make quoting much faster! All the fields entered in a quote template will auto-fill into all of your new applications. We highly recommend all agents use quote templates with EZLynx Rating Engine. A free feature available to every EZLynx Rating user. Click here to open […]

EZLynx Driver Pre-fill is an optional feature that saves time and provides complete driver information for more accurate quotes. With the click of a button, the system pulls driver data from public records. Quickly select the drivers to add to the EZLynx auto application.

Presenting prospects with multiple coverage/premium choices is a great up-selling strategy. EZLynx Quote Scenarios makes this possible. This optional quoting feature that provides agents with up to three additional premiums from each carrier by running just one quote in EZLynx.

This is a great time saving feature that all rating users should be using!  It will save time and help you sell more new business. Click here to open the “Personal URLs Guide”.

Add and remove carriers and/or users with this great feature that you can access 24/7/365.  Learn more with the guide. Click here to open “EZLynx Agency Admin Guide”.

Applicant Lead Source is valuable information that can be used as a tool to sell more business. Lead Source is an optional field in EZLynx, however if you add this information to each of your applicants, you can run a Lead Source report.

Agency Admin is used to manage your agency’s rating account users, carriers, states, and invoices. Make your own changes immediately 24/7, 365 days a year. NOTE: Agency Admin can be setup on any rating user account at the Main office. Not available when contracted for rating via a Market Access Provider (MGA / brokerage).

EZLynx Vehicle Pre-Fill is an optional feature that saves time and ensures quoting with the correct VIN numbers. With the click of a button, the system generates a list of vehicles registered to the applicant’s address. Quickly add vehicles from the list to the EZLynx auto application.

Carriers return various payment options with their EZLynx quotes. The EZLynx Quote results page includes a Payment Option dropdown menu that includes the following options: Full Pay, EFT Premium and Monthly Premium. Each Payment Option has several sort options, for example Low-High (Disregard Term).   Click here to access EZLynx Quote Results – Sort Options.