Make the time you working emails more productive with EZLynx for Outlook 2.0. This PC based product works with all email providers when Outlook is installed on the computer. It automatically matches emails to your EZLynx applicants, so you can save the emails and attachments to the applicant account. Set tasks at the same time so that to-do’s don’t fall through the cracks.

EZLynx for Outlook is a powerful tool that makes time spent working emails more productive. EZLynx for Outlook automatically matches emails to your Personal and Commercial applicants in EZLynx; emails and attachments can then be saved to applicant accounts for a clear audit trail of communications. This helps keep agent and customer interactions organized, and […]

Have you been using EZLynx for Outlook and suddenly it is no longer showing on the right side of your email screen?  Occasionally, the add-in becomes disabled for various reasons.  Here is a 30 second re-enable fix for this issue. Click here for more information about EZLynx for Outlook.

Make the time you spend working emails more productive. Automatically match emails and their attachments to your Personal and Commercial applicant accounts. Keep your email interactions organized, and create a permanent activity record for Errors and Omissions purposes. Works with any email provider as long as Outlook is installed on the PC.