This video is intended for any user at an agency with EZLynx Accounting that can enter receipts. Often times a customer makes a payment to the agency for a direct bill policy. The agency then forwards the payment to the carrier on behalf of the customer. This tutorial will show you how to record this […]

A comprehensive manual for learning to use EZLynx Accounting.   It is imperative to follow the instructions given during the agency’s one-on-one training and outlined in this manual. Deviating from these instructions will likely create inaccuracies in QuickBooks. Click here to open the “EZLynx Accounting User Manual”.

The interface between EZLynx Accounting and QuickBooks Online (QBO) provides the best of both worlds – a premium accounting system that meets the specific needs of an insurance agency and the world-leading general ledger software used by more than four million businesses. Click here to open the “EZLynx Accounting: QuickBooks Online Interface Guide”.

Learn how to add payees, enter commission income, pay producer commissions, export from EZLynx, give a user access to Accounting, and configure system settings. For assistance with EZLynx Accounting, contact [email protected] Jump to specific topics… How to Add Payees Working with Direct Bill Commission Statements Creating Producer Payables Exporting from EZLynx Configuring User Access Updating […]

Learn how to take customer payments in office, retain agency commissions and pay the premium to the carrier. For assistance with EZLynx Accounting, contact [email protected] Jump to specific topics… Creating a Single Invoice Entering a Receipt for a Single Invoice Generating a Premium Finance Invoice Creating a Receipt for a Premium Finance Invoice Working with […]

Learn how to create agency bill single or premium finance invoices. Installment invoicing is covered in a separate video.

The EZLynx Accounting 2.6 release is rolling out on Friday, September 9th. We are excited about the enhancements that will streamline the EZLynx Accounting billing processes. The upgrades include an AutoPay function, check and deposit detail reports, and invoice memos.  Our aim is to provide a better user experience. Click here to access “What’s New in EZLynx […]