EZLynx Consumer Quoting enables consumers who visit your agency’s website to submit an application and receive live quotes from your carriers.  A great tool – its like having someone working in your office 24/7/365 providing quotes to new prospects.  See the guide for more information about EZLynx Consumer Quoting. Click to open the “EZLynx Consumer Quoting […]

In order for consumers to receive instant quotes on your agency’s website via Consumer Quoting Live, the carrier logins must be kept up-to-date.  We use your CQ Admin’s carrier logins for this purpose. Click here to open Keep Carrier Logins Up-to-Date for CQLive Quotes

This time-saving feature allows Agency Admins to update their Consumer Quoting portal information 24/7/365.

See how this feature optimizes a consumer’s mobile device viewing experience when getting a live quote from your website.

Google Business Analytics for EZLynx Enhanced Consumer Quoting is a great way to run reports for monitoring your agency’s consumer quoting activity, like the number of live quotes obtained via the agency’s CQ portal, agent contact requests, selected carrier quotes and more.  

It’s a marketing “no-brainer” to brand every page of your website with the agency information, colors and logo.  Since it’s important to your success, we’ve made it possible to add your agency logo to Consumer Quoting and Client Center pages. Click to open Upload an Agency Logo .