Welcome to EZLynx Management System! Both basic and admin users should watch this EZLynx Management System 101. We cover setup tasks for new users, an overview of the applicant account and Agency Workspace, working with policies and documents, locating groups of policies and more. Register for an EZLynx Management System 101 – The Basics for […]

The EZLynx Management System 102 webinar covers several agency setup tasks for EZLynx Management System agencies, including creating a master company list, working unmatched downloads, managing download reports recipients, managing agency task/activities and more…   Jump to specific topics… Master Company List Setup – Part 1 Master Company List Setup – Part 2 Downloads Setup […]

A comprehensive manual for using the EZLynx Management System. We’ll explain how to effectively manage customers, prospects and policies with EZLynx Management System. This is intended for agencies that have completed EZLynx Rating Engine 101 training. Click here to open the “EZLynx Management System User Manual”

With EZLynx Applications, we’ve streamlined the process of quoting Commercial lines. Complete the application once in EZLynx, then easily create the necessary ACORD quoting packages for submission to multiple carriers. Click here to open the “Application Guide”.

EZLynx users work with applicants constantly, so we’ll show you how to locate them quickly.

Agency Form Templates is an EZLynx Management System feature. With Agency Form Templates, you can upload a custom merge document, then access it from any applicant and have it pre-fill with the applicant, policy, agency and agent data stored in EZLynx. This guide shows you how to use Microsoft Word Merge or Google Merge documents. […]

Chrome is the preferred browser for accessing and working within EZLynx. However, we understand many agents still like to use Internet Explorer. There are a couple of settings that will greatly improve your EZLynx experience when using IE. This 2-minute video will explain those settings, and they will make a BIG difference!

In our increasingly techie world, agents need to understand browsers and how they affect website performance. The proper browser settings are very important to a great EZLynx experience. Learn about how IE updates can change your settings also.

One of the reasons agencies use a management system is to maintain a complete record of their customers’ policies. Learn when and how to add a Commercial or Personal policy manually in EZLynx.

Learn how to resolve duplicate applicants in your EZLynx account, because it’s best to address this issue quickly.

Need help installing the Chrome EZLogin button on your computer? Its’ quicker and easier than installing the IE version, but if you need help, simply open this guide. Remember, the Chrome EZLogin button must be installed on each computer that you use to work in EZLynx. Once installed, the EZLogin button appears on successful EZLynx […]

The Internet Explorer (IE) EZLogin button is a convenient way to access quotes on the carrier sites. Once installed, the EZLogin button logs you into the carrier site and takes you to the quote.  This is NOT a bridging button – no bridging is required for EZLynx quoting. The quotes are available on the carrier […]

Applicant Lead Source is valuable information that can be used as a tool to sell more business. Lead Source is an optional field in EZLynx, however if you add this information to each of your applicants, you can run a Lead Source report.

The EZLynx admin in your office is responsible for setting the Master Company List and associated writing companies. This is part of the EZLynx Management System setup process.

This video is intended for admins at an agency that is new to EZLynx Management System. Agencies new to EZLynx Management System must create their Master Company List before their users can add manual policies.

Learn in one minute how to locate a policy in EZLynx.

EZLynx Agency Workspace is available to our EZLynx Management System users. The Agency Workspace was designed for agency-wide collaboration, to keep everyone within an agency on track with common goals and to ensure important tasks don’t fall through the cracks. This tutorial provides an overview of how notes, tasks, reminders and notifications work together in […]

Our certificate feature is very flexible in order to accommodate agencies that only send a few certificates or those that manage hundreds. This guide outlines the capabilities of our certificates feature, then you can apply them in any way that suits your agency’s needs. Click here to open the “Working with Certificates Guide”.

Our versatile certificates process meets the needs of any agency. Whether an agent needs to print one or two certificates on the fly, or email hundreds of certificates as one document, these tasks are accomplished quickly in EZLynx.

Working with certificates is an important task for insurance agents, especially those that sell Commercial lines. So, we’ve created a simple and versatile certificates process.

Before anyone in your agency begins creating certificates in EZLynx, there is a quick setup task – creating the certificate holders master list.

With Agency Form Templates, you can upload a custom merge document, then have unique applicant, policy, agent, and agency data pre-fill each time the form template is used. Examples of an agency form template include a fax cover sheet, customer invoice, and custom insurance application – all of these can include your agency’s logo. The […]

EZLynx Client Center is a customer self-servicing tool. It allows an agency’s customers to log into a self-service area from your agency’s website 24/7/365, so it’s like having an employee who works after hours, weekends and holidays!