With the upcoming release, we focused primarily on the Rating Engine including a major update to managing customer phone #’s! Rating Engine Updates We listened to your feedback, and have removed the requirement to have a “Home” phone # attached to a customer for rating purposes. You can now add phones as needed to a […]

Welcome to EZLynx Management System! Both basic and admin users should watch this EZLynx Management System 101. We cover setup tasks for new users, an overview of the applicant account and Agency Workspace, working with policies and documents, locating groups of policies and more. Register for an EZLynx Management System 101 – The Basics for […]

The EZLynx Management System 102 webinar covers several agency setup tasks for EZLynx Management System agencies, including creating a master company list, working unmatched downloads, managing download reports recipients, managing agency task/activities and more…   Jump to specific topics… Master Company List Setup – Part 1 Master Company List Setup – Part 2 Downloads Setup […]

A comprehensive manual for using the EZLynx Management System. We’ll explain how to effectively manage customers, prospects and policies with EZLynx Management System. This is intended for agencies that have completed EZLynx Rating Engine 101 training. Click here to open the “EZLynx Management System User Manual”

Downloads that can’t be matched and all new Dwelling Fire policies are saved in your EZLynx account as Unmatched. An admin should work Unmatched policy downloads daily so customer data is up-to-date.

With EZLynx Quote Proposals, you can easily generate a Quote Proposal from existing applications and policies. Click here for the EZLynx Quote Proposal Guide

With EZLynx Management System, an agency can track claim information within applicant accounts. Click here to open the “Manual Claims Tracking”.

With EZLynx Applications, we’ve streamlined the process of quoting Commercial lines. Complete the application once in EZLynx, then easily create the necessary ACORD quoting packages for submission to multiple carriers. Click here to open the “Application Guide”.

This video is intended for new EZLynx Rating users. It explains how to setup a new EZLynx user account, including setting carrier logins and carrier defaults, how to run a first auto quote, and locating users and past quotes. You will also learn general navigation within EZLynx and all about the applicant account.

On September 1, 2016, we are rolling out many new features and Commercial lines enhancements in our 4.16.08 release. Click here to access “What’s New in EZLynx 4.16.08”.

This video is intended for new EZLynx Rating users for agents without binding authority for at least one carrier. Learn how to setup a new EZLynx user account, including setting Independent carrier logins and all carrier defaults, run a first auto quote, use the messaging feature, and locate applicants and quotes. You will also learn […]

EZLynx users work with applicants constantly, so we’ll show you how to locate them quickly.

Agency Form Templates is an EZLynx Management System feature. With Agency Form Templates, you can upload a custom merge document, then access it from any applicant and have it pre-fill with the applicant, policy, agency and agent data stored in EZLynx. Click here to read the Agency Form Templates – Using Merge Docs. Click here […]

Let us quickly show you just a few of the Commercial Lines features our EZLynx Management System offers. More Commercial features are coming soon…

Agency Form Templates is an EZLynx Management System feature. With Agency Form Templates, you can upload a custom merge document, then access it from any applicant and have it pre-fill with the applicant, policy, agency and agent data stored in EZLynx. This guide shows you how to use Microsoft Word Merge or Google Merge documents. […]

Make the time you working emails more productive with EZLynx for Outlook 2.0. This PC based product works with all email providers when Outlook is installed on the computer. It automatically matches emails to your EZLynx applicants, so you can save the emails and attachments to the applicant account. Set tasks at the same time so that to-do’s don’t fall through the cracks.

EZLynx for Outlook is a powerful tool that makes time spent working emails more productive. EZLynx for Outlook automatically matches emails to your Personal and Commercial applicants in EZLynx; emails and attachments can then be saved to applicant accounts for a clear audit trail of communications. This helps keep agent and customer interactions organized, and […]

Have you been using EZLynx for Outlook and suddenly it is no longer showing on the right side of your email screen?  Occasionally, the add-in becomes disabled for various reasons.  Here is a 30 second re-enable fix for this issue. Click here for more information about EZLynx for Outlook.

Chrome is the preferred browser for accessing and working within EZLynx. However, we understand many agents still like to use Internet Explorer. There are a couple of settings that will greatly improve your EZLynx experience when using IE. This 2-minute video will explain those settings, and they will make a BIG difference!

In our increasingly techie world, agents need to understand browsers and how they affect website performance. The proper browser settings are very important to a great EZLynx experience. Learn about how IE updates can change your settings also.

Did you install the EZLogin button for the Rating Engine, but there is still a green install button on your Dashboard Home Page? Or, does your quote have an “Initialize the EZLynx Login button” message instead of the actual Login button? Here is a quick fix for these issues.

Agencies that are new to EZLynx Management System must initiate the downloads process with all of their downloading carriers. Learn how to initiate the downloads process, how the downloads process works, what to do about carriers that don’t participate in a downloads process, and more…. Click here to open “A Guide to Initiating and Working […]

Our Policy Transactions page has two main purposes: a place for quickly locating and working unmatched policy transactions, and a place to filter specific groups of policy transactions. Additional page features include the ability to export policy transaction data to Excel, delete unnecessary unmatched transactions, and more… Click here to open the “EZLynx Policy Transaction […]

Occasionally, a policy may be “missing” from your EZLynx account. Its likely that the original download was unsuccessful for some reason.   Below is a link to instructions for requesting a policy transaction resend from IVANS. If the carrier does not have an IVANS Resend button, request the resend directly from the carrier instead. Click here to access the “IVANS Resend Policy Transaction Guide”.

EZLynx has several great features for effectively managing policies. We’ll show you several quick policy tips in this short video.

Tips for finding training materials fast.

One of the reasons agencies use a management system is to maintain a complete record of their customers’ policies. Learn when and how to add a Commercial or Personal policy manually in EZLynx.

Learn how to resolve duplicate applicants in your EZLynx account, because it’s best to address this issue quickly.

An agency admin must consider their users’ access to applicant accounts; quotes, policies, documents, quotes, tasks, activities and more. Should certain users only access their own assigned applicant accounts? Or, should all users access each other’s applicant accounts? How does applicant access work between different office locations? Click here to open User Access to Applicant […]

In order to obtain quotes, carrier logins must be set and kept up-to-date in EZLynx.  Also, each time an agency adds a new carrier to their EZLynx Rating account, the carrier login must be set before quoting with the newly added carrier. Click here to open “Setting Carrier Logins”.

Every carrier has specific underwriting questions that must be answered within the EZLynx rating application in order to provide a quote. Carrier Defaults allow EZLynx users to set answers to the carriers’ underwriting questions – these default answers then automatically pre-fill into NEW applications. This makes quoting faster! Click here to open “Setting Carrier Defaults”.

Need help installing the Chrome EZLogin button on your computer? Its’ quicker and easier than installing the IE version, but if you need help, simply open this guide. Remember, the Chrome EZLogin button must be installed on each computer that you use to work in EZLynx. Once installed, the EZLogin button appears on successful EZLynx […]

The Internet Explorer (IE) EZLogin button is a convenient way to access quotes on the carrier sites. Once installed, the EZLogin button logs you into the carrier site and takes you to the quote.  This is NOT a bridging button – no bridging is required for EZLynx quoting. The quotes are available on the carrier […]

Save time with the EZUpload Client – a fast and secure way of creating a new applicant in EZLynx by importing applicant information from your compatible management system. Click here to open “EZUpload Client Installation”. Can agents effectively use EZLynxRating Engine even if they use another AMS? Absolutely! With EZUpload Client, a new applicant is […]

Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker that’s controlled with your voice. Echo connects to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, provide information, news, sports scores, weather, and more—instantly. And now you can install the EZLynx Skill on your Alex App too! See the sample phrases below for information you can get from EZLynx – […]

The fundamental purpose of the Salesforce Integration App is to automatically create EZLynx applicants from Salesforce leads and to transfer quote data back to Salesforce. Click here to open the “EZLynx Salesforce Integration App – Admin User Guide”.

Quote Templates are a great time-saving feature for rating. Create EZLynx Quote Templates so that when you start a new application, the fields can be pre-filled with your template answers.

Fast quoting is the name of today’s game. Quote templates make quoting much faster! All the fields entered in a quote template will auto-fill into all of your new applications. We highly recommend all agents use quote templates with EZLynx Rating Engine. A free feature available to every EZLynx Rating user. Click here to open […]

EZLynx Driver Pre-fill is an optional feature that saves time and provides complete driver information for more accurate quotes. With the click of a button, the system pulls driver data from public records. Quickly select the drivers to add to the EZLynx auto application.

Presenting prospects with multiple coverage/premium choices is a great up-selling strategy. EZLynx Quote Scenarios makes this possible. This optional quoting feature that provides agents with up to three additional premiums from each carrier by running just one quote in EZLynx.

This is a great time saving feature that all rating users should be using!  It will save time and help you sell more new business. Click here to open the “Personal URLs Guide”.

Add and remove carriers and/or users with this great feature that you can access 24/7/365.  Learn more with the guide. Click here to open “EZLynx Agency Admin Guide”.

Applicant Lead Source is valuable information that can be used as a tool to sell more business. Lead Source is an optional field in EZLynx, however if you add this information to each of your applicants, you can run a Lead Source report.

Policy Downloads is a great time-saving feature. Carriers send policy transactions electronically to EZLynx which we match to your customers and use to update their policies. Sometimes the system is unable to locate a match, so transactions are saved to your account as Unmatched.

It’s a best practice for an admin to work Unmatched downloads every day so that your management system data is always up-to-date and complete.

The EZLynx admin in your office is responsible for setting the Master Company List and associated writing companies. This is part of the EZLynx Management System setup process.

This video is intended for admins at an agency that is new to EZLynx Management System. Agencies new to EZLynx Management System must create their Master Company List before their users can add manual policies.

Learn in one minute how to locate a policy in EZLynx.

EZLynx Agency Workspace is available to our EZLynx Management System users. The Agency Workspace was designed for agency-wide collaboration, to keep everyone within an agency on track with common goals and to ensure important tasks don’t fall through the cracks. This tutorial provides an overview of how notes, tasks, reminders and notifications work together in […]

With EZLynx Management System’s Policy Sync, you can quickly update an EZLynx auto or home application from the downloaded policy data. This is very helpful at policy renewal time.

Our certificate feature is very flexible in order to accommodate agencies that only send a few certificates or those that manage hundreds. This guide outlines the capabilities of our certificates feature, then you can apply them in any way that suits your agency’s needs. Click here to open the “Working with Certificates Guide”.

Our versatile certificates process meets the needs of any agency. Whether an agent needs to print one or two certificates on the fly, or email hundreds of certificates as one document, these tasks are accomplished quickly in EZLynx.

Working with certificates is an important task for insurance agents, especially those that sell Commercial lines. So, we’ve created a simple and versatile certificates process.

Before anyone in your agency begins creating certificates in EZLynx, there is a quick setup task – creating the certificate holders master list.

Agency Admin is used to manage your agency’s rating account users, carriers, states, and invoices. Make your own changes immediately 24/7, 365 days a year. NOTE: Agency Admin can be setup on any rating user account at the Main office. Not available when contracted for rating via a Market Access Provider (MGA / brokerage).

With Agency Form Templates, you can upload a custom merge document, then have unique applicant, policy, agent, and agency data pre-fill each time the form template is used. Examples of an agency form template include a fax cover sheet, customer invoice, and custom insurance application – all of these can include your agency’s logo. The […]

With the click of a button, the EZLynx real-time policy inquiry feature gives users quick access to the current policy, claims and billing information on a carrier site. Click here to open “EZLynx Real-Time Policy Inquiry”.

Agency Pulse by EZLynx is a monthly analytics report that agency owners can use to monitor and improve their agency’s health. This first-of-its-kind automated report uses your EZLynx Rating Engine and Management System data to deliver performance metrics that cannot be obtained from any other ONE system.

EZLynx Commissions is a Management System feature used to track and pay commissions. This manual provides detailed instructions for paying commissions accurately. Click here to open the ” EZLynx Commissions User Manual”.

This is tutorial 1 of 3 in the commissions setup video series.

If your agency will use EZLynx to pay commissions, the first step is to setup the Service Team. You will add everyone who may, at any point, be paid a commission by your agency.

This tutorial is intended for admins at an agency that is new to EZLynx Commissions.

Creating and ordering commission rules is an important part of the Commissions setup process.

This is tutorial 3 of 3 in the commissions setup video series.

This video is intended for admins at an agency that is new to EZLynx Commissions. Your agency should complete this mandatory agency setup task immediately after creating and ordering the agency’s commission rules. However, if you’re in the process of a data conversion, consult with your data conversion specialist about when to complete this agency setup tas

This video is intended for admins at an agency that uses EZLynx to pay commissions. The first step for paying commissions each month is to reconcile each of your carriers’ commission statements. To do this, the statements must be available in EZLynx. Learn how to manually enter a commission statement. Register for an Using EZLynx […]

This video is intended for admins at an agency that uses EZLynx to pay commissions. The first step for paying commissions each month is to reconcile each of your carriers’ commission statements. To do this, the statements must be available in EZLynx. Learn how to import a CSV file commission statement. Register for an Using […]

This video is intended for admins at an agency that uses EZLynx to pay commissions. To pay commissions for any given month, you’ll use this workflow to reconcile, update, approve and finalize each of your carrier’s commission statements. Register for an Using EZLynx to Pay Commissions webinar here.

This video is intended for admins at an agency that uses EZLynx to pay commissions. Once all of your agency’s carrier commission statements are reconciled and finalized for a given month, producers are paid by running the Commissions by Producer report, then using it to cut the producer’s checks. Register for an Using EZLynx to […]

There may be times when the commission rules have been applied to a policy correctly, but you want to change the commission payments for some reason. Policy commissions can be edited at any time, and we’ll show you how in this quick 2-minute video.

A comprehensive manual for learning to use EZLynx Accounting.   It is imperative to follow the instructions given during the agency’s one-on-one training and outlined in this manual. Deviating from these instructions will likely create inaccuracies in QuickBooks. Click here to open the “EZLynx Accounting User Manual”.

The interface between EZLynx Accounting and QuickBooks Online (QBO) provides the best of both worlds – a premium accounting system that meets the specific needs of an insurance agency and the world-leading general ledger software used by more than four million businesses. Click here to open the “EZLynx Accounting: QuickBooks Online Interface Guide”.

Learn how to add payees, enter commission income, pay producer commissions, export from EZLynx, give a user access to Accounting, and configure system settings. For assistance with EZLynx Accounting, contact [email protected] Jump to specific topics… How to Add Payees Working with Direct Bill Commission Statements Creating Producer Payables Exporting from EZLynx Configuring User Access Updating […]

Learn how to take customer payments in office, retain agency commissions and pay the premium to the carrier. For assistance with EZLynx Accounting, contact [email protected] Jump to specific topics… Creating a Single Invoice Entering a Receipt for a Single Invoice Generating a Premium Finance Invoice Creating a Receipt for a Premium Finance Invoice Working with […]

Learn how to use EZLynx Accounting to collect customer payments for direct bill policies. Also, includes how to make deposits and make carrier payments.

EZLynx Consumer Quoting enables consumers who visit your agency’s website to submit an application and receive live quotes from your carriers.  A great tool – its like having someone working in your office 24/7/365 providing quotes to new prospects.  See the guide for more information about EZLynx Consumer Quoting. Click to open the “EZLynx Consumer Quoting […]

In order for consumers to receive instant quotes on your agency’s website via Consumer Quoting Live, the carrier logins must be kept up-to-date.  We use your CQ Admin’s carrier logins for this purpose. Click here to open Keep Carrier Logins Up-to-Date for CQLive Quotes

This time-saving feature allows Agency Admins to update their Consumer Quoting portal information 24/7/365.

See how this feature optimizes a consumer’s mobile device viewing experience when getting a live quote from your website.

Google Business Analytics for EZLynx Enhanced Consumer Quoting is a great way to run reports for monitoring your agency’s consumer quoting activity, like the number of live quotes obtained via the agency’s CQ portal, agent contact requests, selected carrier quotes and more.  

With EZLynx Email Marketing Campaigns, you can start one, or multiple people at once, on email campaigns AND a campaign can be a single email or a series of emails sent at designated times. You have the ability to marketing your best audience by building well-defined geographic, demographic and/or line-of-business recipient lists. Email marketing is […]

Add a Custom Domain – so that emails will display your email address instead of ours, and to improve your email deliverability. Click here to open the “Adding a Custom Domain Guide”.

With EZLynx Email Campaigns, you can build well-defined geographic, demographic and line-of-business recipient reports from your EZLynx data then send very specific marketing messages for pennies per recipient. This type of marketing has a high return-on-investment and is well proven to increase new sales, brand awareness, and customer loyalty. Click here to open the “EZLynx Email Campaigns […]

EZLynx Client Center is time-saving customer self-servicing tool. Once logged in, your customers can view policy information, print their own policy related documents, submit policy change requests and more. Best of all, your customers can access the Client Center 24/7, every day of the year.

EZLynx Client Center is a customer self-servicing tool. It allows an agency’s customers to log into a self-service area from your agency’s website 24/7/365, so it’s like having an employee who works after hours, weekends and holidays!

It’s a marketing “no-brainer” to brand every page of your website with the agency information, colors and logo.  Since it’s important to your success, we’ve made it possible to add your agency logo to Consumer Quoting and Client Center pages. Click to open Upload an Agency Logo .

This video is intended for admins at an agency that’s new to EZLynx Text Messaging. Please complete the following agency setup tasks once you’ve received the agency’s text messaging number.

This video is intended for all new users to EZLynx Text Messaging.

With EZLynx Text Messaging, your agency has a number which is used specifically to send and receive text messages within EZLynx. All users will learn the basics of Using Text Messaging video.

This video is intended for users who are responsible for working unresolved text messages. When an incoming text message’s number doesn’t match an applicant or matches multiple applicants, the text is designated in your agency’s EZLynx account as Unresolved. In order to provide excellent customer service, it is important to work unresolved text messages regularly.

EZLynx Text Messaging is used to send and receive text messages within EZLynx. The texts are automatically saved on the applicants’ Activity tabs.

Make the time you spend working emails more productive. Automatically match emails and their attachments to your Personal and Commercial applicant accounts. Keep your email interactions organized, and create a permanent activity record for Errors and Omissions purposes. Works with any email provider as long as Outlook is installed on the PC.

We are excited to roll out our new EZLynx Reports with the 4.16.06 release. You’ll love the new reports look and supercharged filters. We’ve added a Quotes Summary and Activity Summary report that give you immediate access to exactly what you need.

The customizable reporting Dashboard allows users to organize charts and tables from any report category all in one place. Each user’s Dashboard is made up of “panels”, which can be added, removed, rearranged, or renamed. Dashboards can also be configured to have one or many tabs with varying column layouts. Click here to open the […]

Would you like to email or mail a card to your prospects and customers on their special day? Simply run a birthday report to pull Applicant and Co-Applicant birthdates, emails and physical addresses. Click here to open the ” EZLynx Birthday Report Guide”.

Summary Reports provide key information at a glance, and include tools for getting the most from their data. Click here to open the “EZLynx Summary Reports Guide”.

Master Reports offer additional tools so that you can create customized reports for your agency. These tools include detailed filters, aggregates, grouping, sorting, paging, and chart creation. See each section below for more details. Click here to open the “EZLynx Master Reports Guide”.

Detail Reports provide a preset table of data that can be modified using various report criteria filters. The majority of our reports fall into this category; other report types include Summary Reports and Master Reports. Click here to open the “EZLynx Detail Reports Guide”.

These reports are tried and true; familiar to many EZLynx users because they have been available since we introduced the rater. We have a new look and navigation for most of our reports, but Legacy Reports have not changed…yet. This guide provides tips for running Legacy Reports. Click here to open the “EZLynx Legacy Reports […]

EZLynx Vehicle Pre-Fill is an optional feature that saves time and ensures quoting with the correct VIN numbers. With the click of a button, the system generates a list of vehicles registered to the applicant’s address. Quickly add vehicles from the list to the EZLynx auto application.

Carriers return various payment options with their EZLynx quotes. The EZLynx Quote results page includes a Payment Option dropdown menu that includes the following options: Full Pay, EFT Premium and Monthly Premium. Each Payment Option has several sort options, for example Low-High (Disregard Term).   Click here to access EZLynx Quote Results – Sort Options.

EZLynx eSignature is a fast and secure way for agents to obtain electronic signatures on multiple documents from one or more recipients – without leaving EZLynx.

You’ll love this quick and secure way to obtain electronic signatures on one or more documents from one or more recipients without leaving your EZLynx account. eSignature is fully compliant with the requirements and standards of both the E-SIGN Act and UETA, and therefore, 100% legally binding. Click here to open the “EZLynx eSignature User […]

In July 2016, we rolled out EZLynx 4.16.06 with an enhanced Reports UI with turbo charged features. Also, there is a BETA roll out of several Commercial Management System features: Commercial Package Policy support, Commercial Applications and Proposals. Click here at access “What’s New in EZLynx 4.16.06”  (July 2016 Release)

Learn how to create agency bill single or premium finance invoices. Installment invoicing is covered in a separate video.

The EZLynx Accounting 2.6 release is rolling out on Friday, September 9th. We are excited about the enhancements that will streamline the EZLynx Accounting billing processes. The upgrades include an AutoPay function, check and deposit detail reports, and invoice memos.  Our aim is to provide a better user experience. Click here to access “What’s New in EZLynx […]

Today, May 6th, we introduce the 4.16.04 release which includes several exciting enhancements for Certificates, Agency Form Templates, Email Campaigns, MAP Underwriting Requests, and MORE! Click here to open “What’s New in EZLynx 4.16.04”.