The Webcetera Sponsored Mathematics Program Is an Amazing Success!

Webcetera contacted LISD in November 2011 with the idea of creating and sponsoring an after school Mathematics Program for underprivileged students.  The idea was met with much enthusiasm, and the program was launched in the Spring of 2012.  Since then, LISD representatives are praising this program as one of the most effective after school programs they have ever had, with some schools having nearly 100% improvement in test scores since the program’s inception.

Webcetera is working with LISD to continue the program for the current school year and to expand it to ten additional underprivileged schools; reaching a total of almost 600 students.

An innovative idea being implementing this year is arming a group of students with math games loaded iTouches. Use of the iTouches will be tightly monitored and mostly results/goals driven.

We are extremely pleased with the results to date. Our wish is to create a Bill Gates or Steve Jobs from this group of students, making this program well worth the investment!

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