Browser Tips: Chrome v. Internet Explorer (all products)

In our increasingly techie world, agents need to understand browsers and how they affect website performance. The proper browser settings are very important to a great EZLynx experience. Learn about how IE updates can change your settings also.

Note: Articles older than March 2020 may no longer be relevant

2 thoughts on “Browser Tips: Chrome v. Internet Explorer (all products)

  1. You speak of toggling between IE and Chrome, but you didn’t tell us how to do that. How do I do toggle between the 2 applications

    1. Hello Lori,

      The best way to toggle between the two applications is to keep both browsers up at the same time and keep the EZLynx login page up on the browser you are not using the most. Whether that be IE or Chrome that is up to you, when you want to pull up something in EZLynx in the other browser just make sure to log out of your account in the current browser you are working in and then log in to EZLynx in the other browser you are switching to. That is what we mean by toggling back and forth between browsers, not necessarily that there is a direct link but you can use EZLynx in both browsers.

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