Can I Bind a Quote in EZLynx?

Binding a policy is done directly on the carrier site.  Use the EZLogin/EZPlugin button on the right side of your quote, to quickly access your quote on the carrier site. From there you can take the necessary steps to bind.

Or, if you are with a Market Access Provider (MAP) or brokerage and share their carrier credentials for quoting, please contact your Market Access Provider admin for binding instructions.

Are MVR and/or CLUE Reports Ordered by EZLynx?

No, EZLynx does not run the MVR or CLUE reports, nor do we authorize the carriers to do so.  Normally, there is a small fee associated with reports, so it would become costly to run reports on every carrier site on each EZLynx quote.  Carriers may require running the report(s) on their site before binding, so it will be done at that time.   If additional information is identified at that time, go back to the EZLynx application, enter the report information and resubmit the quote.