Paying Commissions: Manually Enter a Statement

This video is intended for admins at an agency that uses EZLynx to pay commissions.

The first step for paying commissions each month is to reconcile each of your carriers’ commission statements. To do this, the statements must be available in EZLynx. Learn how to manually enter a commission statement.

Register for an Using EZLynx to Pay Commissions webinar here.

Automatically Add Your Signature to ACORD Forms

Did you know a signature can automatically pre-fill the ACORD forms you create in EZLynx?  There are two ways to set a signature to pre-fill.

  1. Hover over the Settings icon, select EZLynx Preferences and scroll down to the Signature area.
    • At Enter New Signature, type the name in the box.
    • Or, at Choose New Signature Image, click Choose File and upload from your computer.  For help creating a signature image, click HERE.
  2. Click Save.


Also, a signature can be added or changed while creating an ACORD form.  

To use this option:

1.  While creating the ACORD in the EZLynx Editor, click the Pen icon.

2.  Choose an existing signature from the drop-down list or type a name in the New Signature box.

3.  Click Generate Signature.

4.  The signature is added to the ACORD form and will be available in the drop-down in the future.  All shared signatures are located here.


What’s New in EZLynx 4.10

November 5, 2015


Manual Quote Entry (Mgmt System users)

EZLynx Manual QuoteThe tracking and reporting of quotes obtained directly on a carrier site is important to your business success, so we have added a manual quote entry feature.  You can now manually add quotes for any line of business!

  • Go to any applicant’s Quotes tab to manually add a quote.
  • Specify quote details from the carrier and attach proposal documents at the same time.
  • Add multiple quotes at once; in a grouping.
  • Move quote information to a manual policy form with one action.



  • Track all quotes in EZLynx for more accurate reporting of submitted quotes and close ratios.
  • Review all quotes for an applicant on a single page.
  • Record quote information for all LOB’s in one place.
  • Ability to enter X-dates – useful when new reporting feature is released.

Policy Merge – any two lines of business (Mgmt System users)

Previously, policy merge only allowed merging two policies with the same line of business, but now you can merge any two lines of business. For example…

  • If the Retained Policy LOB is different than the Duplicate Policy LOB, the system displays the warning message “You have selected two different lines of business, if merged, the duplicate policy’s LOB will be deleted.”
  • To merge two policies with different LOB’s, locate the policy with the LOB to be saved.  Go to the right side and from the Actions link, select Merge.  Search for the policy with LOB to be deleted, then Merge.  Its as easy as that!

Auto quote now asking for Age Licensed (Rating users)

The EZLynx Auto Application now asks drivers’ Age Licensed rather than Date Licensed to improve the workflow.

  • Age Licensed defaults to state minimum
  • Date Licensed field only displays if age licensed is 21 or older

Bug Fixes

  • Enhanced performance when matching policies using Internet Explorer
  • Improved editing of previous transactions in a policy’s history
  • Removed the text message icon for users that don’t have the product…..yet
  • System Log displays time stamp based on the computer’s time settings
  • Automatic removal of linked applicants when applicant is deleted or merged
  • Notes’ policy association are updated when moving applicants
  • Added “Spouse” to Co-applicant Marital Status options when Applicant status changes to “Married” within quote application
  • Save ACORD 180 without modifying Document Name
  • Added an Upload feature to add custom Agency Forms

Getting Started with EZLynx Management System

Click here for the EZLynx Management System Manual

The manual includes all the information covered in the 101 and 102 webinars described below,  plus data conversions, initiating downloads and more.  It is a great resource!  Always access the manual from our website – it is regularly updated with our new enhancements and features.


We offer a comprehensive Management System webinar:   

Register for an EZLynx Management System 101 – The Basics for Everyone webinar

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Hosted every other Wednesday at 2:00 Central Time

This webinar is intended for everyone who will use the EZLynx Management System, including basic users and admins. We highly recommend completing the EZLynx Rating Engine 101 training (when applicable) before attending this webinar.

We will cover:
Setup tasks for new users
General navigation & frequently performed basic tasks
The Applicant Account
Using the Agency Workspace for agency-wide collaboration; notes, tasks & notifications
Working with policy downloads and manually added policies
Creating ACORD forms and working with documents
Locating groups of policies
Downloads box on Dashboard
Downloads reports & how to get them
Additional training opportunities & support
Q&A session



Watch the EZLynx Management System 102 Video

If you will use EZLynx Commissions, please register for a Commissions training.

If you will use EZLynx Accounting, an accounting specialist will contact you to schedule training. Accounting Questions?  Contact [email protected]