EZTip of the Week: Managing Email Subscriptions (Daily Download Report & others)

Did you know that an admin can manage who is setup to receive emails regarding policy downloads? We offer various reports that can be automatically emailed to anyone in your agency.

These reports include:

  • Daily Downloads (a list of policy downloads received in the last 24 hours)
  • Weekly Business (a list of policy downloads received in the last 7 days)
  • Monthly Agency Pulse (analytics report that provides important data about the “health” of the agency)
  • Daily Renewal for all customers

To setup someone to receive these reports:

  • An agency Admin can hover over the Settings (gear) icon, and select Email Subscription Management
  • Click “Edit” to the right of the user to have access
  • Select the reports and Save

EZLynx Management System 101 – The Basics for Everyone

Welcome to EZLynx Management System! Both basic and admin users should watch this EZLynx Management System 101. We cover setup tasks for new users, an overview of the applicant account and Agency Workspace, working with policies and documents, locating groups of policies and more.

Register for an EZLynx Management System 101 – The Basics for Everyone webinar here.

If you are an agency admin, you should also watch  EZLynx Management System 102 – Advanced Features for Admins  here.

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Webinar: EZLynx Management System 102 – Advanced Features for Admins

The EZLynx Management System 102 webinar covers several agency setup tasks for EZLynx Management System agencies, including creating a master company list, working unmatched downloads, managing download reports recipients, managing agency task/activities and more…


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Agency Form Templates – Using Merge Docs (Mgmt System)

Agency Form Templates is an EZLynx Management System feature. With Agency Form Templates, you can upload a custom merge document, then access it from any applicant and have it pre-fill with the applicant, policy, agency and agent data stored in EZLynx.

Click here to read the Agency Form Templates – Using Merge Docs.

Click here for a list of the EZLynx fields that can pre-fill Agency Form Templates.

Click here to Agency Form Templates – using editable PDFs.

EZLynx & Internet Explorer Settings (all products)

Chrome is the preferred browser for accessing and working within EZLynx. However, we understand many agents still like to use Internet Explorer. There are a couple of settings that will greatly improve your EZLynx experience when using IE.

This 2-minute video will explain those settings, and they will make a BIG difference!

Working Unmatched Policy Downloads (Mgmt System Admins)

Policy Downloads is a great time-saving feature. Carriers send policy transactions electronically to EZLynx which we match to your customers and use to update their policies. Sometimes the system is unable to locate a match, so transactions are saved to your account as Unmatched.

It’s a best practice for an admin to work Unmatched downloads every day so that your management system data is always up-to-date and complete.

Policy Sync: Quickly Update Rating Applications at Renewal Time (Mgmt System)

With EZLynx Management System’s Policy Sync, you can quickly update an EZLynx auto or home application from the downloaded policy data. This is very helpful for re-quoting at policy renewal time.