What’s New in EZLynx 4.16.02

In EZLynx 4.16.02, we’re rolling out exciting enhancements to EZLynx Management System, Rating Engine and Communication Center.


  • New Standard Policy Mgmt Report; interactive Book of Business Summary
  • Rating Engine – auto incident tab enhancements
  • Email Campaigns – email opt-out enhancements
  • Email Campaigns – marketing v. non-marketing unsubscribe options
  • Personal Policy Entry for personal auto, homeowners and dwelling fire (BETA)
    • Click HERE if interested in beta participation


Book of Business Summary
EZLynx Management System users have a new Standard Policy Management Report. The interactive Book of Business Summary allows creating a report by category, such as agent, branch, carrier, LOB, etc… Results are displayed in a unique combination of numerical data and colorful graphs.












To access the Book of Business Summary
• Hover over the Reports icon, and select Policy Management
• At Standard Reports, select Book of Business Summary















• Choose a category to group report by, and click “Update Report”






Auto Incidents Tab Enhancements

For Rating users, we’ve improved the Auto Incidents tab workflow for more efficiency. Click a button as highlighted in the example below to add an incident; either accident, violation or loss. Enter data quickly by tabbing through the fields, then click Save.













Email Campaigns Suppression List

It is important to track email addresses that have unsubscribed from receiving your agency’s marketing messages, so we’ve added a new feature to make it easy.  The new Email Campaigns suppression list allows you to manage email unsubscribes and stay in compliance with federal SPAM laws.   Consumers’ email addresses that have opted out of receiving your marketing emails are automatically recorded on the suppression list.

To access, hover over the Communication Center icon and select Suppression List from the Email Campaigns menu.  The Suppression List provides an central account-wide place to review, search, add and remove email addresses that should not receive marketing emails.  Email marketing campaign emails will include an ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom. When a recipient clicks the link and confirms their email address, the address is automatically added to the Suppression List.

There are 3 ways an email address may be added to the suppression list:

1) A person unsubscribes from an email campaign – recorded as “Suppressed by System”.     2) An email address seems invalid, for example it bounces too many times – recorded as “Suppressed by System”.     3) Email address manually added by EZLynx user.Click Add button, enter email address and click OK.

To remove an email from the list, simply click on the trash icon from Actions, and click OK.  In order to stay in compliance with federal SPAM laws, be sure to get the recipient’s permission before removing their address from the list.




Marketing v. Non-Marketing Email Campaigns

Our email campaigns can now also be used for non-marketing purposes.  This update gives you the ability to designate whether an email is marketing or non-marketing in nature.

It is very important that you understand the differences between the two types of communications.  You may not only risk angering customers by sending marketing spam without a way to unsubscribe, but also risk violating federal laws.  Read the CAN-SPAM Act here.

Marketing emails follow the standard rules regarding email opt-out.  However, emails sent for non-marketing purposes will bypass the Suppression List.  These non-marketing emails don’t provide the recipient with an unsubscribe mechanism.


Nickname Display

Nicknames are now visible inside the left sidebar of customers.




Personal Policy Entry (Beta)

We are currently offering a beta version of our Personal Policy Entry feature which is available for Auto, Homeowners and Dwelling Fire. Contact [email protected] if you are interested in beta participation.

To use the Personal Policy Entry feature:

  • Go to the applicant’s Overview tab.
  • Go to the right top side of the Policies grid and click Add Policy.
  • At Line of Business, select either Personal Auto, Homeowners or Dwelling Fire.
  • Input the policy information and click Add & Edit Policy at the bottom right.












Input the personal policy data in each of the tabs, then click Save & Close.   The saved personal policy generates the Policy Summary page, which provides access to a Forms button.


Bug Fixes

  • Import Commission Statement now works with all transaction types
  • Full Policy Details displays a specific transaction rather than the most recent version of policy
  • Unknown Text Message time-stamp now displays correctly
  • Policy Sync now works without risk/application info
  • Activity page displays emails correctly
  • When an email is sent, the recipient email address will now be logged as part of the system activity
  • Email Campaigns; unsubscribe feature now unsubscribes in all EZLynx email fields
  • Email Campaigns; delay of first-step of a multi-step campaign is now honored regardless of the Activate on date