Agency Form Templates – Using Merge Docs (Mgmt System)

Agency Form Templates is an EZLynx Management System feature. With Agency Form Templates, you can upload a custom merge document, then access it from any applicant and have it pre-fill with the applicant, policy, agency and agent data stored in EZLynx.

Click here to read the Agency Form Templates – Using Merge Docs.

Click here for a list of the EZLynx fields that can pre-fill Agency Form Templates.

Click here to Agency Form Templates – using editable PDFs.

eSignature 101

EZLynx eSignature is a fast and secure way for agents to obtain electronic signatures on multiple documents from one or more recipients – without leaving EZLynx.

EZLynx uses AssureSign for its e-sign product for P&C lines of insurance.  AssureSign LLC guarantees full compliance with the requirements and standards of both the E-SIGN Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) for all of its products.  UETA provides that electronic signatures and records have the same validity and enforceability in court as manual signatures and paper-based transactions.  However, as a P&C licensed agent, you are responsible for any exceptions to UETA that may be in effect in your state. Also, using eSignature for any other non-P&C forms violates the terms of use of this product.  For more information, please visit