EZTip: How To “Update Commissions” on the Statement, Once Rules Have Been Set Up

When Commissions Rules or Overrides are changed, commission statements need to be updated with the new rules, which can happen with one click.

To do this:

  1. You must open the commission statement and select “Update Commissions” to re-run the rules.
  2. If you are having issues with updating the statement, please be sure to un-approve all items on the commissions statement; otherwise the statement will not update.
  3. After clicking “Update Commissions,” the commission statement is re-runs the rules, so that producers are paid commissions based on the updated rules.





Commission Rules Tips

When Commissions download from the Carrier, Commission Rules determine the type of Commission and how to pay the producers, managers, and CSRs.

You may be wondering what the difference is between a Commission Producer Code, a Policy Producer Code, and Assigned To.


Policy Producer Code:  This type of rule supports paying various producers for different policies on the same applicant account. An agency admin enters the Producer Code on the policy in the Producer Code Override field. You can see this Producer Code with any policy download that is matched to an applicant in EZLynx.


Assigned To: An agency may pay the agent that is “Assigned To” the applicant file if they are paid for more than one policy on the applicant account. This information can be easily reviewed on the left in the Applicant Pane. To update, go to the applicant’s Lead Info tab and click Edit.