EZLynx Management System 101 – The Basics for Everyone

Welcome to EZLynx Management System! Both basic and admin users should watch this EZLynx Management System 101. We cover setup tasks for new users, an overview of the applicant account and Agency Workspace, working with policies and documents, locating groups of policies and more.

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If you are an agency admin, you should also watch  EZLynx Management System 102 – Advanced Features for Admins  here.

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EZLynx & Internet Explorer Settings (all products)

Chrome is the preferred browser for accessing and working within EZLynx. However, we understand many agents still like to use Internet Explorer. There are a couple of settings that will greatly improve your EZLynx experience when using IE.

This 2-minute video will explain those settings, and they will make a BIG difference!

What’s New in EZLynx 4.16.03

In EZLynx 4.16.03, we’re rolling out exciting enhancements to the EZLynx Management System, Rating Engine and Client Center.


  • Enhanced Workflow for Bulk Emailing Certificates
  • Commercial Policy Entry for Business Owners (BOP)
  • Certificate Request Workflow in Client Center
  • Agency-Facing Settings for Client Center
  • ….and nearly 60 additional enhancements & updates

Policy Entry

This great feature allows users to enter much more commercial policy information that is then pre-filled into all ACORD forms created for the policy in EZLynx.

  • NEW – We now support Business Owners (BOP) line of business for this feature

BOP - Liability (alternate)

BOP - Other Coverages (alternate)

  • Workers Compensation has an improved user interface (UI) and workflow
  • Inland Marine now allows more than 15 items of scheduled equipment
  • All ACORD 90’s are updated to the most current version
  • Improved user interface and workflow for Home and Dwelling Fire applications
  • Documents now maintain the original policy # association, unless the policy # is changed manually
  • Downloads now update in a way that better handles partial package cancellations

Certificate Holders Report

  • Can now be exported to Excel
  • Now includes “Created Date” and “Remarks” columns

Cert Master - Interest Report

Certificates – Bulk Email

When using the bulk email feature for certificates, you now have additional text formatting options and pre-filled email signatures.

  • Added ability to edit Subject line
  • Added CC and BCC options

Certs - Bulk Email 1

Certs - Bulk Email 2

EZLynx Reports

  • Updated reports:
    • Commission Statement Master
    • Activity Master
    • Book of Business Summary
    • Commission Statement Detail Master

Client Center 2.9

Client Center Agency-Facing Settings

  • When enabled, agency admins can configure special Client Center preferences
  • Override default display options with custom agency details
  • By default, we will no longer be showing manual policies because many agencies don’t regularly update manual policy details.  However, for those agencies that do keep manual policies updated, they can turn this feature on again
  • Admins can set notifications to be sent and tasks assigned to either the applicant’s assigned user or to any other user.
  • Users can now set rules for notification and task options depending on the type of action a consumer takes.  For example, you can send policy change requests to a CSR, but Certificate Requests to the applicant’s assigned user.

2016-03-30 16_14_13-Client Center - General Settings

Certificate Request Form

  • An agent’s commercial customers can now request certificates from the Client Center.  More certificate enhancements in Client Center are coming later this year!

Client Center - Request a Certificate

  • Updates to Consumer and Agent Notification Emails’ Content
    • Content is cleaner, and includes the request date and time
  • Agent generated certificates can be shared in Client Center and will not be editable by the customer
  • When an agent shares a document in an applicant’s Client Center, they can now send an email notifying the customer of the same.
  • Automatically created Tasks now include change request details
    • When tasks are automatically created from a customer’s policy change request, the task notes include the request details.  These details will no longer be sent by email, since they often contain confidential information.
  • Commissions:  Total commission amount no longer changes when removing a policy from a manual statement
  • Personal Policy Entry:  Audit transaction on Workers Compensation is now updating the selected policy term
  • Consumer Quoting: Activity Report export to EZLynx option fixed
  • EZLynx Accounting:  Issue of a policy’s billing type being cleared when a non-accounting user edited a policy