EZLynx & Internet Explorer Settings (all products)

Chrome is the preferred browser for accessing and working within EZLynx. However, we understand many agents still like to use Internet Explorer. There are a couple of settings that will greatly improve your EZLynx experience when using IE.

This 2-minute video will explain those settings, and they will make a BIG difference!

“The Bottom of My Page Is Cut Off”, “The Font Is Too Big and the Page Looks Funny”

You may need to change the zoom level on your browser.

Internet Explorer

  • Check in the lower right hand corner to see your zoom level; clicking the size will allow you to change the zoom back to 100%
  • Or from your IE toolbar, click View, then Zoom, and select 100%

IE zoom


Firefox – From the Mozilla Firefox tool bar, click on the bars and then you can click the plus or minus symbol to increase or decrease font size to 100%.

mozilla page zoom


Google Chrome – click the menu icon and select zoom in the drop-down menu, then you can use the plus or minus symbol to increase or decrease the font size to 100%.

google chrome zoom



Pop-up Blocker Has Been Detected

Be sure *.ezlynx.com is in as an allowed site for your browser, or any secondary toolbars (i.e. Yahoo, Google, MSN)

Internet Explorer: click on tools, Internet Options, Privacy, Settings and un-check “Turn on Pop-up Blocker”, then click “Apply” and “OK”.

Firefox: click on tools, Options, Content; be sure to add *.ezlynx.com to your Exceptions

Chrome: click on toolbar icon, choose Settings, show advanced settings, under Privacy click “Content Settings” and select “Allow all sites to show pop-ups” then “Done”.

Yahoo toolbar: click the pop-up blocker menu or toolbar icon, select “Always Allow Pop-ups from”, select the site from the “sources of recently blocked pop-ups” list, and then click “Allow”

Google toolbar: click the Pop-up blocker icon from the toolbar to allow pop- ups from *.ezlynx.com. The button text should change to read “pop-ups okay” indicating the pop-up blocker has been disabled for this site.

MSN: click the Pop-up blocker button on the toolbar, and then click “Allow Popups for this site”. This will allow pop-ups from *.ezlynx.com.