Webinar: EZLynx Management System 102 – Advanced Features for Admins

The EZLynx Management System 102 webinar covers several agency setup tasks for EZLynx Management System agencies, including creating a master company list, working unmatched downloads, managing download reports recipients, managing agency task/activities and more…


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Commissions Setup: Apply Commission Rules to Applicants or Policies

This video is intended for admins at an agency that is new to EZLynx Commissions. Your agency should complete this mandatory agency setup task immediately after creating and ordering the agency’s commission rules. However, if you’re in the process of a data conversion, consult with your data conversion specialist about when to complete this agency setup task.

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Paying Commissions: Manually Enter a Statement

This video is intended for admins at an agency that uses EZLynx to pay commissions.

The first step for paying commissions each month is to reconcile each of your carriers’ commission statements. To do this, the statements must be available in EZLynx. Learn how to manually enter a commission statement.

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Paying Commissions: Run a Commissions by Producer Report & Pay Commissions

This video is intended for admins at an agency that uses EZLynx to pay commissions.

Once all of your agency’s carrier commission statements are reconciled and finalized for a given month, producers are paid by running the Commissions by Producer report, then using it to cut the producer’s checks.

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What’s New in EZLynx 4.16.04

On May 6th, we introduced EZLynx 4.16.04 which included several exciting enhancements for Certificates, Agency Form Templates, Email Campaigns, MAP Underwriting Requests, and MORE!


  • Certificate Holder Redesign
  • Agency Forms
    • Support for Word Docs using Merge Fields
    • New mapping workflow to map merge fields to EZLynx fields
    • Added over 80 NEW fields available to merge
  • Automatic Matching for Imported Commission Statements
  • MAP Shared Credentials Enhancements
  • MAP Underwriting Requests (formerly called Messaging)
  • Advanced Email Signature Configuration for Campaigns



The Certificate Master workflow is even more efficient now by automatically pre-filling any interest holder information associated to the selected policies. The  interest holders screen has also been redesigned to include additional holder information applicable to the specific Certificate.

Let’s take a closer look at an example below…

  • This example is for the ACORD 25 – Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • The Certificate Holder Type now allows you to specify the Additional Insured and Waiver of Subrogation by line of business per holder

Cert Holder


Agency Forms

We’ve simplified our Agency Form Templates by adding a new mapping workflow, support for Word Docs, and over 80 NEW fields available to merge. These merge fields allow you to quickly pre-fill information into your agency forms regarding customer, policy, and/or agency details.

Access the Agency Form Templates Guide here

Managing Agency Forms

  • You can manage your Agency Forms by going to Settings > “Manage Form Templates”
    • Note: Existing forms now have the ability to edit the field mappings directly in EZLynx
  • Adding a new form is as simple as selecting Add Form Template, and uploading either a PDF or Docx file

Add Form Template

  • Selecting Save takes you to the Edit Field Mappings screen for you to select which EZLynx field matches your template field

Form Template Mapping


MAP (MGA) Underwriting Requests (formerly Messaging) – Updated UI and Enhancements

EZLynx Messaging has undergone several enhancements and is now called EZLynx Underwriting Requests.  This enhanced feature with its new user friendly and efficient design allows for Requests to be filtered by new time frames of 30 Days, 7 Days or Today.

Watch the MAP (MGA) Underwriting Request (formerly Messaging) UI Update webinar here

4-21-2016 11-49-01 AM

In addition, underwriting request list has been redesigned to enhance the capability to sort through many different filter. The search for a specific agency or agent’s request has been made more user friendly.

  • NEW Able to see the applicant EZContact box.

4-21-2016 11-52-37 AM

When viewing the premium request in the new layout, you can change the request status, alter the premium, view past messages and remove underwriters. Also, you can add multiple attachments that automatically save to the applicant’s Documents tab.

4-21-2016 11-54-09 AM

The enhancements continue with a new Carrier Logins page. In Carrier Logins under Settings, admins can now manage the shared carrier logins instead of going to the admin key icon to the profiles tab. When setting state specific carrier logins, you now MUST set a default login before being allowed to set the specific state logins.

4-21-2016 11-56-19 AM


4-21-2016 12-16-28 PM

EZLynx Management System – Commissions

  • Updated auto-mapping of fields for imported commission statements
  • New transactions now available on commission statements, including Database Sync


What’s New in EZLynx 4.12

New Feature

Import Commission Statements via CSV File

We’ve transformed a tedious, time consuming part of your workload into an easy and efficient process. You can now import Life & Health statements with thousands of policy commissions in seconds!

4.12 release pic 1










  • Import commission statements as a CSV file
  • Use the provided EZLynx CSV template
  • Create custom field mappings by carrier and reuse them monthly by matching each column to an EZLynx field
  • Preview valid & invalid data prior to import



Policy Management

  • Now use Policy Compare with Dwelling Fire policies
  • New commissions permissions for policy producers and service team members
  • New Commission Rules match based on a specific Lead Source
  • Added ability to copy a commission rule to make creating multiple rules easier
  • Quickly select a specific policy transaction during the Audit Policy workflow
  • Improved policy validation helping reduce duplicate policy entry


  • 2016 Purchase Dates now valid for Home Applications
  • Date Licensed field is disabled
  • Ability to assign drivers to specific vehicles if DL Status is “Not Licensed” – to reduce errors
  • California Auto – 30/60 option added for Bodily Injury, Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorist
  • West Virginia Auto – minimum limits updated from 20/40/10 to 25/50/25 for Bodily Injury, Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorist; effective January 1, 2016
  • Agent Quote Detail Report – added a “Created” column to display when an applicant was created in EZLynx


Bug Fixes

  • Improved EZLynx for Outlook performance and security
  • South Carolina Auto Rating – updated Age Licensed default