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Setting Carrier Defaults for Successful Consumer Quoting

Did you know that in order for consumers to obtain successful quotes through your website’s Consumer Quoting, the Carrier Defaults must be set?

The CQ defaults must be set for all of your agency’s appointed carriers. This is a crucial step in the setup process, so before embedding the CQ link in your agency’s website, be sure this task is completed.

To locate your Consumer Quoting Carrier Defaults, hover over the Settings icon, select Consumer Quoting and then select your CQ portal from the drop-down list.

  • At the “New Lead Notifications” page, go to the “Rating State” tab.

  • Make sure all of the rating states are selected.

  • Go to the “Carrier Selection” tab and select the carriers for each rating state.

  • Go to the “Carrier Defaults” tab and set all of the defaults.

  • Be sure to set a default for EVERY question even if it prompts for the information twice in order to obtain successful quotes.

  • If the carrier defaults are already set within your EZLynx user account, you can select to mimic the CQ defaults from your user account.

Once finished, consumers can successfully obtain live quotes through your agency’s website.

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