What’s New in EZLynx 4.9

September 30, 2015


Policy Rewrite Support

Currently, rewriting a policy downloads from the carrier as “New Business.” However, we understand that what’s new to the carrier is not necessarily new to your agency. That’s why this release includes several enhancements for managing rewritten policies.

This release:

  • Users can change the transaction type to “Rewrite” for downloaded & manual policies.
  • Users can specify how to pay commissions for rewritten policies.
  • Apply rewrite commission rules for rewritten policies.


  • Users can track a policy as a renewal, even if the policy is rewritten with a different carrier/market.
  • Users can run commission split calculations based on a renewal rate if a policy is rewritten with a different carrier.
  • User reports are more accurate as rewritten policies will report as renewals instead of new business.

During VIN validation – VIN reset to closest VIN and provides alert message

VIN lookup functionality updated as follows:

  • When the agent enters an invalid/incomplete VIN and clicks “Lookup”, the system still resets VIN to the closest matching VIN. However, system NOW shows a message to alert the agent that the VIN was replaced, and allows agent to revert to the original VIN.

Bug Fixes

  • “Continue to EZLynx” button on login page was occasionally logging the user out rather than taking them to the Dashboard.
  • Improved help text for captcha on password reset screen to clarify users need to enter all letters and numbers.
  • Username is no longer case-sensitive when resetting password.
  • Passwords can now contain the following special characters ([email protected]#$).
  • Usernames created with space at the end was not being recognized by the system while resetting the password.
  • Changing signature in an ACORD form was adding the text “dimensions” after the signature.
  • Entering DOB as 10/31/1961 within Commercial Policy was giving an invalid date error.
    • Added support for MMDDYY date format on the Incidents tab.
    • Within Home quoting application, added text “Dwelling Type refers to the Occupancy, or total # of families within ONE household.”

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