Personal URL (PURL)

The Personal URL feature allows a prospect to complete a new EZLynx application, or a customer to update their existing application information at renewal time. The information is saved to the agent’s EZLynx account for quick and easy quoting. This is convenient for the customer, and frees the agent’s time to sell more business. As an added benefit, the PURL works in conjunction with an agency’s EZLynx Consumer Quoting portal, displaying the agency’s custom logos and branding.

Personal URL benefits:

  • Prospect completes a new EZLynx rating application themselves and information updates in EZLynx.
  • Existing customers can update their own EZLynx application before the agent re-quotes at renewal time.
  • Agencies with a CQLive portal can enable live quoting, which provides prospect/customer with all successful quotes immediately after submitting the application from the Personal URL. For agencies without CQLive, the prospect/customer receives a message that “an agent will be in touch shortly”.

For more info watch the video below or review our guide.

Note: Articles older than March 2020 may no longer be relevant

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