We Have a New Support Portal

Providing you with an excellent EZLynx experience is our number one goal! When visiting our support page you can now search an extensive knowledge base for immediate help with product questions and support. Enter the keywords of your question and locate a solution instantly.  No need to spend time on the phone.

To access this new area, log into your EZLynx account. From the Dashbaord, click the ‘Need Help?’ link in the Help box. This will take you directly to our customer knowledge base.

New Support Portal Access

If you need additional help, simply create a support ticket right from the same page, and an EZLynx Team Member will start addressing your inquiry.  We’ll contact you when we have an update or resolution.  It’s as EZ as that!

Open your own support tickets

Note: Articles older than March 2020 may no longer be relevant

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