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Does EZLynx Run a Credit Check When I Submit a Quote?

EZLynx does not run credit reports.  However, most carriers will not return a quote without a credit check.  By answering “Yes” to the “Credit Check Authorization” question on the Policy Info tab in EZLynx, you are allowing the carriers to run credit checks on their sites.  An applicant’s credit score is used in the underwriting process to generate the tiered rate that is returned.

Credit can be run with or without the applicant’s Social Security Number.  Without a SSN, the credit is considered a “soft, insurance hit” on the applicant’s credit.  Entering a SSN will return a more accurate credit score, and will affect the premium accordingly.

If you do not enter a SSN on the application in EZLynx, you will receive a Warning, with a red (Fix) link, right before the quote starts running.  This is only a Warning, and will not stop you from submitting the quote.  Go ahead and click the Submit button, and you will be on your way.


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