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I Need Assistance Locating My Quote on the Carrier Site. Can You Help?

The most common reason for not being able to locate a quote on the carrier site is that the quote is being run in EZLynx with an incorrect agent/producer code.

To correct this problem, go back into the application(s), click on the Carriers tab and check the agent code for the carrier in question. Correct the code directly on this page. You will need to fix the agent/producer code on both the Auto and Home applications if you are submitting them together in EZLynx.  Next go to the Finish tab, and click “Submit to Carriers”. At the page that lists all your carriers just before the quote starts to run, be sure to UNcheck the box that says “Reuse Prior Prompt Answers”. Once a premium is returned, you will then be able to locate the quote on the carrier site.

Also, you will want to be sure to update the agent code in your Carrier Defaults. Your agent code will automatically transfer from your Carrier Defaults to NEW applications/submissions.

When resubmitting a quote, you will need to fix the agent/producer code by following the steps above.

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