Automatically Add Your Signature to ACORD Forms

Did you know a signature can automatically pre-fill the ACORD forms you create in EZLynx?  There are two ways to set a signature to pre-fill.

  1. Hover over the Settings icon, select EZLynx Preferences and scroll down to the Signature area.
    • At Enter New Signature, type the name in the box.
    • Or, at Choose New Signature Image, click Choose File and upload from your computer.  For help creating a signature image, click HERE.
  2. Click Save.


Also, a signature can be added or changed while creating an ACORD form.  

To use this option:

1.  While creating the ACORD in the EZLynx Editor, click the Pen icon.

2.  Choose an existing signature from the drop-down list or type a name in the New Signature box.

3.  Click Generate Signature.

4.  The signature is added to the ACORD form and will be available in the drop-down in the future.  All shared signatures are located here.


Note: Articles older than March 2020 may no longer be relevant

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