EZTip: Adding a Signature to ACORD® forms using Foxit®

You can add a signature to ACORD forms by using this free software.



To add a signature using Foxit, follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure the signature is saved as a picture and stored somewhere on your system.Note:  Use a scanner to scan and save the signature to your computer. Make sure to save it as an image file type such as JPG or PNG.
  2. Open the ACORD form in Foxit Reader and enable the Edit toolbar. Do this by going to View > Toolbars > Edit.
  3. From the Edit toolbar, click the Image button. Using the mouse, left-click and drag out a box over your signature line on the document.
  4. Once done, the Add Image window will appear. Click Browse to find the signature file on your system. When selected, the preview will appear in the Add Image window. Click OK.
  5. The signature should appear in the document. You can resize and move the image box as needed.

For additional help with these steps, contact us at [email protected].

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