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EZTip: Working with Policies That Have an Unknown or Inactive Status

If you have recently joined the EZLynx family and have gone through the Data Conversion Process, it is now time to get your policies updated with the most recent information and the correct status.  Two common Status markers for polices that have been in this process are Unknown and Inactive.

You will have policies listed with an Unknown or Inactive status.  The status will update automatically when you have received your Initial Downloads** from the carrier.

In the case of a manual policy, you will need to click on the policy’s Actions menu and select Activate, depending on the policy status.

Once the initial loads have all been received navigate to Reports and select Policy Management Reports. Here you will need to run the “Inactive & Unknown Policy Detail” report to assist in updating the final unknown status policies.

Please let us know if you need additional assistance with any unknown / inactive status.

**The initial download is requested during your data conversion and is all of your current policies with a carrier.  Please note that not all carriers will send an initial load. If a carrier does not download; these policies will have to be manually updated. There is an unknown policy report that you can run at any time.


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