EZTip: Using EZLynx on a MACbook or Chromebook?

EZLynx is a cloud based software designed to operate with today’s most popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome & Firefox.  All of the core features of EZLynx are developed to function in any of these browsers regardless of the operating system.

However, there are a few features that require installation on an individual Windows based computer:

  • EZLynx File Transfer Manager for Downloads
  • PDF EZUpload Client to import from other management systems
  • EZLynx for Outlook
  • Internet Explorer EZLogin/EZPlugin
  • QuickBooks Desktop Support for EZLynx Accounting requires the Windows version of Quickbooks Desktop. Quickbooks Online is fully compatible, regardless of computer operating system.

Because these programs were designed specifically for Windows based computers, these only work in Windows and not in an OSX or Chromebook environment.

As an alternative to the IE EZLogin/EZPlugin, EZLynx has also released the Google Chrome Extension, allowing users in any environment the ability to access their quotes via the EZLogin/EZPlugin button in Google Chrome.

One thought on “EZTip: Using EZLynx on a MACbook or Chromebook?

  1. The chrome extension is awesome. It is so nice to be able to link to the carriers from within chrome. The continued innovation at ezlynx is superior to any other system in the marketplace. I’m glad we chose and continue to choose ezlynx.

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