How to Fix This Quoting Error: “EZLynx Waiting For Input Timeout”


The error message below will happen on any carrier, when carrier underwriting questions that come up during quoting are not answered within 5 minutes.  So, if you get this error, simply resubmit the quote, but this time be sure to answer the “Carrier Needs Input”  questions within 5 minutes.

Carrer Needs Input

When running a quote, sometimes a “Carriers Needing Your Input” box appears at the top of the page, or you may see a “CARRIER NEEDS INPUT – CLICK HERE”  link next to a carrier. Watch for these during quoting.  In either case, click the link and answer the carrier’s underwriting question(s) and click SUBMIT.   Continue to do this as necessary and you will receive successful quotes.

Carrer Needs Input 2

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