EZTip: EZLynx Rating – what we do and do not support

EZLynx Rating Engine supports Personal Lines Auto and Home rating. We do not support Commercial Lines QUOTING, but we do support Commercial Lines downloads with our Management System.

Auto:  We do not support trailers, motorcycles, mobile homes, RVs or non-owner policies.

Home:  We support HO3s and HO5s for homeowners, HO4 for renters, and HO6 for condo owners. We support Dwelling Fire in CA only. Dwelling Fire is also called a “landlord’s policy”. It covers the structure, but not the belongings – so it is intended for people who own a property and then rent it to someone else.


Condo info:  We get a lot of calls about what to enter in the Dwelling & Personal Property fields in our HO6 application. Basically, dwelling amount is everything from the walls in that is attached to the walls/floors/ceilings of a condo, such as cabinets and carpet. Personal property is everything you would take with you if you moved out.  This article about HO6 policies is very helpful.



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