EZLynx for Outlook 101

Make the time you spend working emails more productive with EZLynx for Outlook 2.0. This PC based product works with all email providers when Outlook is installed on the computer. It automatically matches emails to your EZLynx applicants, so you can decide whether to save the emails and attachments to the applicant account. Set tasks at the same time so that important to-do’s won’t fall through the crack.

To get setup with EZLynx for Outlook, contact your support rep or [email protected]

Click here for more information about EZLynx for Outlook.

6 thoughts on “EZLynx for Outlook 101

    1. Yes, Jason. EZLynx for Outlooks is a stand-alone product also, so any agency can have it. I am emailing you also with more information.

  1. This add-in is fantastic, and something I’ve wished for years was available with our current management system. Is there another video on your site that shows what the emails look like once they’re attached to the customer file? I’d be curious to see what it looks like when you go to refer back to the email in EZLynx later. Thanks.

    1. Cameron,

      Thank you for your comments and interest in EZLynx for Outlook. We have emailed screen shots of what the email looks like when you refer back to it in EZLynx.

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