EZLynx Accounting: Apply a Customer Receipt to any Invoice Video

This video is intended for any user at an agency with EZLynx Accounting that can create receipts.
This video shows you how to create receipts to record agency bill payments, once you receive cash, check, or credit/eft payment for an agency bill invoice.

Introduction and Account Setup/Management  

For anyone who will be responsible for EZLynx Accounting setup and management tasks: configuration, commission tracking, receipt of Direct Bill Commission Statements, and how EZLynx integrates with QuickBooks.

Invoices & Receipts

For everyone who will create invoices and receipts for Agency Bill and Direct Bill policies.

Deposits & Checks

For everyone who will create bank deposits and use the Auto-Pay feature to record payment transactions in EZLynx.

Click here for the EZLynx Accounting User Manual

Note: Articles older than March 2020 may no longer be relevant

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