EZLynx Accounting: Add a Direct Bill Payment Receipt

This video is intended for any user at an agency with EZLynx Accounting that can enter receipts.
Often times a customer makes a payment to the agency for a direct bill policy. The agency then forwards the payment to the carrier on behalf of the customer. This tutorial will show you how to record this as a direct bill payment.

Introduction and Account Setup/Management  

For anyone who will be responsible for EZLynx Accounting setup and management tasks: configuration, commission tracking, receipt of Direct Bill Commission Statements, and how EZLynx integrates with QuickBooks.

Invoices & Receipts

For everyone who will create invoices and receipts for Agency Bill and Direct Bill policies.

Deposits & Checks

For everyone who will create bank deposits and use the Auto-Pay feature to record payment transactions in EZLynx.

Click here for the EZLynx Accounting User Manual

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