Installing the Internet Explorer EZLogin Button (Rating & Mgmt System)

The Internet Explorer (IE) EZLogin button is a convenient way to access quotes on the carrier sites. Once installed, the EZLogin button logs you into the carrier site and takes you to the quote.  This is NOT a bridging button – no bridging is required for EZLynx quoting. The quotes are available on the carrier sites as soon as a successful quote is obtained in EZLynx.

The IE EZLogin button must be installed on every computer that is used to access EZLynx. If you have any issues installing the IE EZLogin button, we recommend you use the Chrome version instead. It is a VERY fast and easy installation. You must access EZLynx from the Chrome browser to install and use the Chrome EZLogin button.

Click here to open “Installing the Internet Explorer EZLogin Button”.

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