EZLynx Compatibility with Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer, please take a couple of quick steps to ensure compatibility with EZLynx:

  1. Add https://*.ezlynx.com as a trusted site on your computer.
  2. Remove EZlynx in Compatibility View Settings in the Menu Bar under Tools

To add a trusted site:

  • On your internet browser window, click “Tools>Internet Options>Security>Trusted Sites” and the Sites button.  Type https://*.ezlynx.com in the “Add this website to the Zone” box and click Add.

To Remove EZLynx in Compatibility View Settings:

  • Return to “Tools” and select “Compatibility View Settings”
  • Remove EZLynx.com in the “Add this website” box and make sure there is not a box checked at the bottom which states “Display all websites in Compatibility View” – this option is only on older versions of Internet Explorer so if you have IE 11 then you may not see this as an option.

* See the screen shot below to add the Menu Bar to select “Tools”

  1. Right Click above any of the tabs or address bar.
  2. In the drop down, you should be able to select “Menu bar”
  3. Once you select the Menu bar, it should appear below the address bar.

IE 10 Menu Bar


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