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Installing the EZLynx Carrier Integration (Rating & Mgmt System)

Installing the EZLynx Carrier Integration (Rating & Mgmt System) Need help installing the EZLynx Carrier Integration extension on your computer? Remember, the extension must be installed on each computer that you use to work in EZLynx. Once installed, the "Go to Carrier" button appears on successful EZLynx quotes.

The EZLynx Carrier Integration extension is a convenient way to access your quotes on the carriers’ sites. When you click on the button from an EZLynx quote, it takes you to the carrier site, logs you in and takes you to the quote.

The extension's button is NOT a bridging button – there is no bridging necessary with EZLynx quotes. When quoting from EZLynx, we log onto the carrier sites on your behalf, get the quotes on their sites and display the results on the EZLynx quote result page. You can login directly to carrier websites to access your quotes also.

Click here to open “Installing the EZLynx Carrier Integration"


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