Webinar: Account Management (Accounting)

Learn how to add payees, enter commission income, pay producer commissions, export from EZLynx, give a user access to Accounting, and configure system settings.
For assistance with EZLynx Accounting, contact [email protected]

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Webinar: Agency Bill Basics (Accounting)

Learn how to take customer payments in office, retain agency commissions and pay the premium to the carrier.

For assistance with EZLynx Accounting, contact [email protected]

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Consumer Quoting Mobile

See how EZLynx Consumer Quoting Mobile optimizes a consumer’s mobile device viewing experience when getting a live quote from your website.

In today’s world, EZLynx is well aware of the importance of offering mobile optimized products. Having both your agency’s website and it’s Consumer Quoting feature optimized for mobile devices goes a long way in connecting with consumers.

Using Text Messaging

This video is intended for all new users to EZLynx Text Messaging.

With EZLynx Text Messaging, your agency has a number which is used specifically to send and receive text messages within EZLynx. All users will learn the basics of Using Text Messaging video.

Working Unresolved Incoming Text Messages

This video is intended for users who are responsible for working unresolved text messages.

When an incoming text message’s number doesn’t match an applicant or matches multiple applicants, the text is designated in your agency’s EZLynx account as Unresolved. In order to provide excellent customer service, it is important to work unresolved text messages regularly.