Consumer Quoting Mobile

See how EZLynx Consumer Quoting Mobile optimizes a consumer’s mobile device viewing experience when getting a live quote from your website.

In today’s world, EZLynx is well aware of the importance of offering mobile optimized products. Having both your agency’s website and it’s Consumer Quoting feature optimized for mobile devices goes a long way in connecting with consumers.

Email Campaigns 101

With EZLynx Email Marketing Campaigns, you can start one, or multiple people at once, on email campaigns AND a campaign can be a single email or a series of emails sent at designated times. You have the ability to marketing your best audience by building well-defined geographic, demographic and/or line-of-business recipient lists. Email marketing is known for a high return-on-investment and is well proven to increase new sales, brand awareness, and customer loyalty.


Using Text Messaging

This video is intended for all new users to EZLynx Text Messaging.

With EZLynx Text Messaging, your agency has a number which is used specifically to send and receive text messages within EZLynx. All users will learn the basics of Using Text Messaging video.

Working Unresolved Incoming Text Messages

This video is intended for users who are responsible for working unresolved text messages.

When an incoming text message’s number doesn’t match an applicant or matches multiple applicants, the text is designated in your agency’s EZLynx account as Unresolved. In order to provide excellent customer service, it is important to work unresolved text messages regularly.

eSignature 101

EZLynx eSignature is a fast and secure way for agents to obtain electronic signatures on multiple documents from one or more recipients – without leaving EZLynx.

EZLynx uses AssureSign for its e-sign product for P&C lines of insurance.  AssureSign LLC guarantees full compliance with the requirements and standards of both the E-SIGN Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) for all of its products.  UETA provides that electronic signatures and records have the same validity and enforceability in court as manual signatures and paper-based transactions.  However, as a P&C licensed agent, you are responsible for any exceptions to UETA that may be in effect in your state. Also, using eSignature for any other non-P&C forms violates the terms of use of this product.  For more information, please visit