How to add a CNAME Record to my Domain

If your agency uses a custom domain name (e.g. as part of your email address (e.g. [email protected]), it is now possible to use your unique email address with our email campaigns tool.

This doesn’t mean we will host your email.  Instead, you will be able to give our system permission to send emails that use your email address as the ‘from’ address (even though we aren’t your email provider) so that your recipients are less likely to think the email they received is spam.

In order to do this, you must have control of the custom domain that you use with your email account so that you can add some records that indicate to other email providers that we are allowed to send out emails using your domain. This means that this feature won’t work with a third-party email address like [email protected], since you don’t actually own the domain.

In order to access this feature, agency admins that have our EZLynx Communication Center product can contact [email protected] to be able to configure these advanced settings.

Adding the Record

Once you have added your domains to your account in EZLynx, we will provide you with some unique records that need to be added to your domain.  These records are called CNAMEs, and they act as an alias.

Each registrar (the company that you used to purchase your custom domain) handles the process of adding CNAMEs differently, but the general process is the same.

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Find your domain
  3. Choose the option to edit DNS and/or add a CNAME record.
  4. Enter the new records provided by EZLynx
  5. Save


We will update this article with more details as this new feature becomes available.

Why is my “Save & Go To Auto” grayed out?

When entering in a new customer in EZLynx be sure to check the date of birth you have entered. Often we find that agents have entered in the wrong year on the prospect’s date of birth.

If you notice you cannot click “Save & Go To Auto” or “Save & Go To Home” at the bottom of the details page, then the first thing to check is the DOB on the applicant and co-applicant if applicable.

Once you have corrected the DOB field, the options will no longer be grayed out.

EZLynx Compatibility with Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet Explorer, please take a couple of quick steps to ensure compatibility with EZLynx:

  1. Add https://* as a trusted site on your computer.
  2. Remove EZlynx in Compatibility View Settings in the Menu Bar under Tools

To add a trusted site:

  • On your internet browser window, click “Tools>Internet Options>Security>Trusted Sites” and the Sites button.  Type https://* in the “Add this website to the Zone” box and click Add.

To Remove EZLynx in Compatibility View Settings:

  • Return to “Tools” and select “Compatibility View Settings”
  • Remove in the “Add this website” box and make sure there is not a box checked at the bottom which states “Display all websites in Compatibility View” – this option is only on older versions of Internet Explorer so if you have IE 11 then you may not see this as an option.

* See the screen shot below to add the Menu Bar to select “Tools”

  1. Right Click above any of the tabs or address bar.
  2. In the drop down, you should be able to select “Menu bar”
  3. Once you select the Menu bar, it should appear below the address bar.

IE 10 Menu Bar


“The Bottom of My Page Is Cut Off”, “The Font Is Too Big and the Page Looks Funny”

You may need to change the zoom level on your browser.

Internet Explorer

  • Check in the lower right hand corner to see your zoom level; clicking the size will allow you to change the zoom back to 100%
  • Or from your IE toolbar, click View, then Zoom, and select 100%

IE zoom


Firefox – From the Mozilla Firefox tool bar, click on the bars and then you can click the plus or minus symbol to increase or decrease font size to 100%.

mozilla page zoom


Google Chrome – click the menu icon and select zoom in the drop-down menu, then you can use the plus or minus symbol to increase or decrease the font size to 100%.

google chrome zoom