Multi-Factor Authentication

The purpose of this quick reference sheet is to provide a high-level understanding of these new changes.

What is changing?
Beginning November 6th, EZLynx will require all agencies to participate in our two-factor process by default. Even agencies who previously opted out of two-factor participation.

Why are we making this change?
Cyber security remains a top priority for EZLynx. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a way to make the EZLynx user login process more secure. Multi-factor (or two-factor, two-step, etc.) authentication ensures that just because someone has your password, they still cannot access your account until they complete another step to prove their identity. They must also have access to a second means of authentication, usually in the form of your physical mobile phone, which most likely is never far away from your hand!

Do I need to do anything?
EZLynx will require multi-factor authentication for all customers beginning November 6, 2020 to enhance your agency’s security. Each user is prompted at login to enroll a mobile number and/or email address for login verification.

EZLynx recommends using your cell phone for managing this process since delivery times from text messages providers tend to vary less than those of email providers.

Where can I go to learn more?
The EZLynx Knowledgebase has a step-by-step article that shows you how to finish enrolling in for multi-factor authentication.

Two-Step Verification for Login

Why is my “Save & Go To Auto” grayed out?

When entering in a new customer in EZLynx be sure to check the date of birth you have entered. Often we find that agents have entered in the wrong year on the prospect’s date of birth.

If you notice you cannot click “Save & Go To Auto” or “Save & Go To Home” at the bottom of the details page, then the first thing to check is the DOB on the applicant and co-applicant if applicable.

Once you have corrected the DOB field, the options will no longer be grayed out.

Does EZLynx Rating Engine integrate with other vendors’ agency management platforms?

Save time with the EZUpload Client – a fast and secure way of creating a new applicant in EZLynx by importing applicant information from your compatible management system.

Click here to open “EZUpload Client Installation”.

Does EZLynx Rating Engine integrate with other vendors’ agency management platforms?


With EZUpload Client, a new applicant is automatically created in EZLynx with a quick transfer from the non-EZLynx Management System. The rating application auto-fills with the transfer data, which makes rating as quick and easy as possible with two separate systems.

EZUpload Client is a simple way to transfer applicant data into EZLynx Rating Engine from a non-EZLynx Management System. EZUpload Client automates what once was a difficult manual task into a process that’s easier than ever. We’ve spent a lot of time finessing the process, to ensure not only accuracy but data security as well.  EZUpload Client is also enhanced with our powerful policy sync feature, which allows agents to update the existing rating application with current policy data, so agents can requote in a flash.

Why work through the extra steps of a data transfer, when EZLynx offers a One Platform® solution?

EZLynx Rating Engine remains the most popular comparative rater, and EZLynx Management System is the fastest growing management system of the year – and that’s because they are one and the same.

Our Management System was built in tandem with EZLynx Rating Engine; the two products combine perfectly to create a seamless interaction, while other AMS systems attempt to “integrate” separate products – producing a clunky platform, which has everything you need to manage the entire customer lifecycle in one place.


What Can the EZLynx Policy Management System Do for My Agency?

EZLynx Management System features Policy Downloads.  Policies are downloaded directly from your Carriers into your EZLynx account.

  • Personal and Commercial lines Client Management
  • Direct Bill Commission Statement downloads
  • Personal and Commercial lines Policy management
  • ACORD® Forms and Certificates
  • Agency-wide collaboration with Agency Workspace
  • Manage Applications for manual submission
  • Powerful analytics reporting for your Book of Business for cross-selling & marketing

Please contact [email protected] for more information.


Can I Bind a Quote in EZLynx?

Binding a policy is done directly on the carrier site.  Use the EZLogin/EZPlugin button on the right side of your quote, to quickly access your quote on the carrier site. From there you can take the necessary steps to bind.

Or, if you are with a Market Access Provider (MAP) or brokerage and share their carrier credentials for quoting, please contact your Market Access Provider admin for binding instructions.

Why Can’t I Login to EZLynx?

To login to EZLynx, go to, then click on the “Login” button on the upper right hand side of the webpage.  At the login page, keep in mind that the password is case sensitive.  Double check that your Caps Lock isn’t on.

If you keep being immediately returned to the login, without an error message, you will need to add EZLynx as a trusted site on your computer.  Internet Explorer users go to Tools, Internet Options, and Security tab, then click on the green check-mark that says Trusted Sites.  Next click on the Sites button.  At “Add this Website to the Zone:” type https://* and click Add, then Close.  At this point, try logging into EZLynx again.

EZLynx & Internet Explorer Settings is a short video that covers how to do all of this, as well.

If you use a different browser and need assistance adding EZLynx as a trusted site, please contact [email protected]