EZTip of the Week: Managing Email Subscriptions (Daily Download Report & others)

Did you know that an admin can manage who is setup to receive emails regarding policy downloads? We offer various reports that can be automatically emailed to anyone in your agency.

These reports include:

  • Daily Downloads (a list of policy downloads received in the last 24 hours)
  • Weekly Business (a list of policy downloads received in the last 7 days)
  • Monthly Agency Pulse (analytics report that provides important data about the “health” of the agency)
  • Daily Renewal for all customers

To setup someone to receive these reports:

  • An agency Admin can hover over the Settings (gear) icon, and select Email Subscription Management
  • Click “Edit” to the right of the user to have access
  • Select the reports and Save

EZTip: Working with Policies That Have an Unknown or Inactive Status

If you have recently joined the EZLynx family and have gone through the Data Conversion Process, it is now time to get your policies updated with the most recent information and the correct status.  Two common Status markers for polices that have been in this process are Unknown and Inactive.

You will have policies listed with an Unknown or Inactive status.  The status will update automatically when you have received your Initial Downloads** from the carrier.

In the case of a manual policy, you will need to click on the policy’s Actions menu and select Activate, depending on the policy status.

Once the initial loads have all been received navigate to Reports and select Policy Management Reports. Here you will need to run the “Inactive & Unknown Policy Detail” report to assist in updating the final unknown status policies.

Please let us know if you need additional assistance with any unknown / inactive status.

**The initial download is requested during your data conversion and is all of your current policies with a carrier.  Please note that not all carriers will send an initial load.    If a carrier does not download; these policies will have to be manually updated.  There is an unknown policy report that you can run at any time.


Automatically Add Your Signature to ACORD Forms

Did you know a signature can automatically pre-fill the ACORD forms you create in EZLynx?  There are two ways to set a signature to pre-fill.

  1. Hover over the Settings icon, select EZLynx Preferences and scroll down to the Signature area.
    • At Enter New Signature, type the name in the box.
    • Or, at Choose New Signature Image, click Choose File and upload from your computer.  For help creating a signature image, click HERE.
  2. Click Save.


Also, a signature can be added or changed while creating an ACORD form.  

To use this option:

1.  While creating the ACORD in the EZLynx Editor, click the Pen icon.

2.  Choose an existing signature from the drop-down list or type a name in the New Signature box.

3.  Click Generate Signature.

4.  The signature is added to the ACORD form and will be available in the drop-down in the future.  All shared signatures are located here.


Carriers That Use TEAM-UP Software for the Downloads Process

For our EZLynx Management System users – this information is related to setting up the downloads process.

Check this list to see if any of your carriers use TEAM-UP software for the downloads process.  If so, contact any one of your TEAM-UP carriers to have the software installed on your computer.  You will then be able to use the program with all of your TEAM-UP carriers.

Be sure to also reach out to [email protected] to request our download software also be installed on your computer. This enables EZLynx to retrieve the policy downloads the carrier sends to your computer and upload them to your agency’s Management System.


EZTip: How To “Update Commissions” on the Statement, Once Rules Have Been Set Up

When Commissions Rules or Overrides are changed, commission statements need to be updated with the new rules, which can happen with one click.

To do this:

  1. You must open the commission statement and select “Update Commissions” to re-run the rules.
  2. If you are having issues with updating the statement, please be sure to un-approve all items on the commissions statement; otherwise the statement will not update.
  3. After clicking “Update Commissions,” the commission statement is re-runs the rules, so that producers are paid commissions based on the updated rules.





Getting Started with EZLynx Management System

Click here for the EZLynx Management System Manual

The manual includes all the information covered in the 101 and 102 webinars described below,  plus data conversions, initiating downloads and more.  It is a great resource!  Always access the manual from our website – it is regularly updated with our new enhancements and features.


We offer a comprehensive Management System webinar:   

Register for an EZLynx Management System 101 – The Basics for Everyone webinar

Watch the video

Hosted every other Wednesday at 2:00 Central Time

This webinar is intended for everyone who will use the EZLynx Management System, including basic users and admins. We highly recommend completing the EZLynx Rating Engine 101 training (when applicable) before attending this webinar.

We will cover:
Setup tasks for new users
General navigation & frequently performed basic tasks
The Applicant Account
Using the Agency Workspace for agency-wide collaboration; notes, tasks & notifications
Working with policy downloads and manually added policies
Creating ACORD forms and working with documents
Locating groups of policies
Downloads box on Dashboard
Downloads reports & how to get them
Additional training opportunities & support
Q&A session



Watch the EZLynx Management System 102 Video

If you will use EZLynx Commissions, please register for a Commissions training.

If you will use EZLynx Accounting, an accounting specialist will contact you to schedule training. Accounting Questions?  Contact [email protected]




Viewing Inactive and Unknown Policies

Here are tips to “Show Inactive and Unknown” policies in EZLynx.

  1. Locate the applicant and click the “Policies” tab. From the Policies tab dropdown, click “Show Inactive.” The dropdown will now include both active and inactive policies; select the one to view.
  2. Or, go to the applicant’s Overview tab, and scroll down to the Policies grid. At the upper right, check the “Show Inactive and Unknown” box. Now active, inactive, and unknown policies are displayed in the Policies grid until the box is unchecked again.







Can I Generate a Custom Signature for ACORD Forms?

You can now upload an image of the agent’s signature to be used on ACORD forms created in EZLynx.

It is very easy to make a signature image; save it to your computer and then upload it.
There are several websites available online that can be used to create a signature image, for example:   MyLiveSignature

The signature wizard will take you through these steps:

1. Enter Agent’s name
2. Select font by clicking one of the radio dials on the left
3. Select font size – #6 will work fine
4. Select colors – default settings are likely fine, but you can change colors if you want
5. Select signature “slope” or slant
6. Save signature to your desktop so you can upload it in EZLynx.
7. From EZLynx, go to the Settings Icon, EZLynx Preferences, then Signature (bottom of page). Upload signature from your computer.

Once uploaded, the signature will be inserted on ACORD forms in EZLynx!

EZLynx supports image types gif, jpeg, bmp, or png. We recommend image size 460 x 60.