EZTip : How can I transfer a Quote Scenario to the carrier sites?

If you are using Quote Scenarios, you’ll notice a “May not be saved on carrier site” message on your quotes.

These are snapshots of what premiums would be if the quote was submitted with different coverage baskets. If you would like to transfer one of these snapshots to the carrier sites as a quote,  follow the steps below to update the coverage and resubmit the quote.

Click the red star for one of the coverage baskets.


This takes you back to the Coverage tab and automatically updates the coverages for you.

At that point, click the finish tab and re-submit the quote. The new quote will transfer to the carrier site.


Why is my “Save & Go To Auto” grayed out?

When entering in a new customer in EZLynx be sure to check the date of birth you have entered. Often we find that agents have entered in the wrong year on the prospect’s date of birth.

If you notice you cannot click “Save & Go To Auto” or “Save & Go To Home” at the bottom of the details page, then the first thing to check is the DOB on the applicant and co-applicant if applicable.

Once you have corrected the DOB field, the options will no longer be grayed out.

How to Fix This Quoting Error: “EZLynx Waiting For Input Timeout”


The error message below will happen on any carrier, when carrier underwriting questions that come up during quoting are not answered within 5 minutes.  So, if you get this error, simply resubmit the quote, but this time be sure to answer the “Carrier Needs Input”  questions within 5 minutes.

Carrer Needs Input

When running a quote, sometimes a “Carriers Needing Your Input” box appears at the top of the page, or you may see a “CARRIER NEEDS INPUT – CLICK HERE”  link next to a carrier. Watch for these during quoting.  In either case, click the link and answer the carrier’s underwriting question(s) and click SUBMIT.   Continue to do this as necessary and you will receive successful quotes.

Carrer Needs Input 2

How to Remove “Business Pursuits” From a Home Application

Are you hung up because the “Business Pursuits” checkbox is grayed out on the Home application’s Endorsements page, and cannot be unchecked?  If this box is checked in error, it will stop you from quoting because the name of the business is a required field.  (1st screenshot below)

To fix this, simply click the Policy Info tab, find the “Is there a business or daycare on the premise?” question and select “No”.  (2nd screenshot below)  Now go back to the Endorsements tab and the “Business Pursuits” field will be unchecked.

2015-08-20 13_57_38-EZLynx - Endorsements

2015-08-20 13_59_22-EZLynx - Policy Info

Infinity Quoting Error: “Infinity agent code is numeric only”


Quoting error: “Infinity agent code is numeric only, please check your Infinity agent code.”

This error message happens when your Infinity agent code is not incorporated into the username and password you use to log into the carrier website.

The FIX:

Call Infinity at (800) 264-7516.  Explain the error message you are receiving in EZLynx and they will change your carrier login  to include your Infinity agent code.

Next – hover over the Settings icon in EZLynx, and select Carrier Logins.  Update the Infinity login, then resubmit your quote and Infinity will return a successful quote.

Share this information with the other EZLynx users in your office while you’re at it!

How to find quotes on Safeco’s website

Are you having trouble finding your EZLynx quotes in Safeco’s website? Here are a few steps below to assist you with locating your quotes.

1.     Sign into Safeco’s website, and select “Quote & Issue New Business”

2.     Select “Client List”

3.   Uncheck “My Clients Only” box

  • Set Business Type to “Combined Lines”
  • Set Activity Status to “All Activity”
  • Enter applicant’s last name and Search


Receiving the “Unable to initiate Personal Lines quoting on the carrier website” error?

Are you receiving the “Unable to initiate Personal Lines quoting on carrier web site”error?

This error message can be caused by two things:

1)  The carrier username and password set in EZLynx is no longer valid. Go to the carrier site by clicking the logo for the carrier and test your credentials. If correct, Go to the Settings tab, click Carrier Logins and update the login with a valid username and password. Then resubmit the quote.


2)  An incorrect agent code is entered on the Carriers tab in the application. Essentially, the carrier is unable to start the quoting process because it does not recognize the agent code being used.  Go to the Carriers tab of the auto and/or home application in EZLynx. If the Agent Code for the carrier is incorrect, update it and resubmit the quote.

How to work with non-licensed drivers in EZLynx

A non-licensed driver can be quoted as follows from the Driver Info tab:

  •  At the Rated Driver field choose “Excluded” instead of “Rated”. 
  • Then at DL Status field, choose “Not Licensed“. 

This is an accurate way to complete the application, however several carriers may return a valid error message regarding the license status.

It is an underwriting issue particular to each carrier.

Some carriers require certain risks be quoted directly on their website.

Receiving the “Unable to login to carrier website” error?

The “Unable to login to carrier website” error usually means there is one of two problems with the Carrier Login that is set in EZLynx.

1)  Be sure you can log directly onto the carrier’s website with your current username and password.  Type the password yourself instead of letting it automatically pre-fill.  Once you’re able to log directly onto the carrier site, check that the same username and password is set in EZLynx by going to the Settings tab, then Carrier Logins.

carrier logins in settings


2)  The Carrier Login only needs to be set as Default – setting the default covers all rating states.  If a state is set, click the Edit button next to the state setting, then click Clear.After fixing one of these issues, resubmit for a successful quote.