Can I Generate a Custom Signature for ACORD Forms?

You can now upload an image of the agent’s signature to be used on ACORD forms created in EZLynx.

It is very easy to make a signature image; save it to your computer and then upload it.
There are several websites available online that can be used to create a signature image, for example:   MyLiveSignature

The signature wizard will take you through these steps:

1. Enter Agent’s name
2. Select font by clicking one of the radio dials on the left
3. Select font size – #6 will work fine
4. Select colors – default settings are likely fine, but you can change colors if you want
5. Select signature “slope” or slant
6. Save signature to your desktop so you can upload it in EZLynx.
7. From EZLynx, go to the Settings Icon, EZLynx Preferences, then Signature (bottom of page). Upload signature from your computer.

Once uploaded, the signature will be inserted on ACORD forms in EZLynx!

EZLynx supports image types gif, jpeg, bmp, or png. We recommend image size 460 x 60.

Note: Articles older than March 2020 may no longer be relevant

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