Receiving the “Unable to login to carrier website” error?

The “Unable to login to carrier website” error usually means there is one of two problems with the Carrier Login that is set in EZLynx.

1)  Be sure you can log directly onto the carrier’s website with your current username and password.  Type the password yourself instead of letting it automatically pre-fill.  Once you’re able to log directly onto the carrier site, check that the same username and password is set in EZLynx by going to the Settings tab, then Carrier Logins.

carrier logins in settings


2)  The Carrier Login only needs to be set as Default – setting the default covers all rating states.  If a state is set, click the Edit button next to the state setting, then click Clear.After fixing one of these issues, resubmit for a successful quote.




Note: Articles older than March 2020 may no longer be relevant

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