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Streamline Your Commercial Lines Documents with EZLynx

The paperwork associated with commercial lines can really take a toll on an agency. But EZLynx® makes commercial lines document workflows faster, less burdensome, and more powerful, for increased efficiency and profits.

Supercharge your productivity with EZLynx tools like:

  • Certificates: EZLynx has streamlined the creation, management, and distribution of certificates, including online self-service within the EZLynx Client Center™ customer portal.

  • Agency Forms: EZLynx preselects and prefills ACORD forms to save you time and give you more accurate quotes. You can also use Agency Form Templates to prefill and generate documents like fax cover sheets, customer invoices, and custom insurance applications.

And, drum roll please...

  • The NEW Proposal Templates Manager: Proposals and Summaries of Insurance are documents you generate and distribute to clients in high volume. With the Proposal Template Manager, customize documents (once) to reflect your branding and messaging, and then generate those docs accurately and repeatedly (over and over).

Streamline your document workflows and free up your agents for the important stuff – like generating more revenue. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about how EZLynx commercial document workflows can help your business.